Why do people like Roseanne, Colin Quinn etc. keep getting work?

Why do people who are apparently way, way past the arc of whatever entertainment value they once had keep getting shots that up and coming talent would die for? Is talent that thin? Is it just inertia, the power of show biz connections … or what ?
Roseanne Pilot

Because people keep talking about them in popular fora like, say, this one.

Familiar mediocrity trumps unknown talent every time.

Maybe they’re really funny in person, which would make it easy to sell execs on a new show.

Well, Roseanne had a show that really was of such high quality for a very long time, and she was very successful with her stand-up comedy before that. She is someone who, I believe, has the potential to sell. She may flop 100 times, but I can still see her striking gold with something some time, perhaps in the distant future. She seems worth taking a chance on.

Now as for Colin Quinn, boy am I stumped. (and I’ll be watching this thread with interest for an answer to that one).

I second that. Even her “flop” of a talk show was critically revered.

Comedians call Colin Quinn the comedian’s comedian which is another way of saying he isn’t funny. He is so grossly ineloquent that there is no possibility of smooth delivery even if he did manage to come up with something funny. Shoot him.

I like Colin Quinn. Lord knows, he’s not funny, or particularly clever, or really talented in any imaginable way. But he’s got this whole “everday guy” kinda thing. He looks like the kind of guy who’d be fun to crack a couple beers and watch a ballgame with him.

The wierd part is, I really hate both beer and professional sports.

Because God hates us and wants us to suffer?

hey i like quinn you bastards!

Back when I was a young man, the Whoopi Goldberg phenomenon drove me up a wall.

She started out in the unwieldy Oprah-vehicle The Color Purple, then appeared in a string of money-losing critical flops like Burglar and Clara’s Heart.

Through all of this, Hollywood seemed manaically focused on promoting her career and making her a big star…when she finally turned in a non-embarrassing performance, in Ghost, they shoved an Oscar at her so fast they almost knocked her over.

She’s had television shows, hosted the Academy Awards, and now she’s starring in the critcally-panned Broadway revival of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

And over all of these years, through her entire 20-inch IMdB filmography entry, she has sucked like a French horn in reverse.

I like him too, but there’s little question that there are more talented people out there that don’t get TV shows. Unfortunately, nobody will watch a TV show with Ralph P. Unknown Jr. It’s not a good investment.

I admit to having had a profound “what the hell?” reaction when I saw Whoopi Goldberg’s name on the cast for STNG… In the long run, I enjoyed her character and how she played her, but still…