Why do people think or feel that you have to go through school and graduation? Skip all that!

Here’s the scenario:
Let’s say you are a rich young man looking to start his life with a mate (a girl in this case) and you have all the money she would ever need in her life. You had all the means to take care of her and offer her lifetime security. She’d never have to worry about bills, finances, healthcare, etc.

But there’s one catch to this. She has to drop out of school and forget about that whole charade of going through the education system, getting your degree or whatnot just so that you can feel like everyone else who has done it and not look like a failure or embarassment.

For example, let’s say you own massive farming property or huge auto mechanic/body shop, or a giant retail franchise…and you are worth millions. If the girl loves you and you love her, couldn’t she just decide to skip all the “jumping through hoops” and just start life today living with you and joining you in your millionaire business? She’d had have everything she needed instantly today, but people don’t seem to think it’s good to not graduate, get your diplomas, degrees, etc.

It’s like what’s the difference? You could spend years doing that and after graduating you’d still end up with me in my millionaire business and work together. Is it just a matter of personal pride or personal self-worth to know that you graduated or attended X college as if that somehow determines your value in life?

BTW, I’m not this person haha. I just think about these thoughts and would like to know you think if such a situation existed or was available to you?

Why does it matter to say you graduated high school or you graduated college but end up with no great career and just struggling to get by in life

vs skipping all that schooling charades and just joining in on a millionaire business that will set you up for life for everything you ever wanted or needed…you could probably even just get your diploma or degree later on through long distance correspondence courses or something.

There’s more to education than just preparing you for a job. It also works to prepare you for life.

So you have all the money you need? Do you know how to manage it?

Women are not expected to cramp their style or education or career in order to be with you, help you out with your “millionaire business”, or otherwise support you. Where are you getting all that from? And what century and country?

Here’s another shocker for the OP:

A higher education is actually exciting to some people.

There are some people in this world that have a thirst for knowledge.

Kind of ironic I have to say this considering the board we’re on.

The OP sounds like he wants to buy a prepubescent female human being and keep her in a mansion, and can’t understand why such a person would want to know anything more than what she might have learned before puberty, or have any possibility of autonomy. Does she get to wear shoes?

People are judged in life by their education. It happens in business as well as socially. Very early in life, I met a few very wealthy self-made men who dropped out of school, found a niche and made a killing (acquaintances of my parents). America was a very different place when they grew up (time frames: I was a kid and they were already almost retirement age).

Every once in a while one of them would ask for a Coke, call me over, and insist I stay in school. “My biggest regret is that I didn’t get a good education way back then. I can’t now. Don’t you make the same mistake I did.” It’s advice that was common when I was a kid. Maybe it’s a lesson that was lost over time.

So… leaving aside the fact that money isn’t everything and women also have ambitions which don’t always equal being an accessory in their partner’s business, what happens ten years down the line, when the relationship breaks down, the wealthy partner overspends or the business fails? She’d have nothing to fall back on, all her work history is working for her partner, or ex.

I certainly would never feel like an equal partner in a relationship like that, it’s really lop-sided. He provides money, she gives up all dreams that don’t fit in with his.

Some people don’t?

This person is going to work at a multi-million dollar corporation without a high school degree? And keep it successful? That isn’t likely. It’s not impossible, but it is highly unlikely. The point of going to high school and on to college isn’t to “get a degree”. It is to get an education.

Another sexist premise. If your point is supposed to be that an education is a waste, you have made a highly ignorant assumption.

Instead of another hypothetical involving women, how about getting to really know some?

I know that sounds flippant, but it’s serious advice. I was (even more) sexist before I got close female friends that I could really talk to.
(Need I add?.. Don’t ask them questions that are anything like your posts, if you want to keep talking to them.)

Taking the op at face value, the answer is because you can’t.

What I mean by this is that the “wild west” days of business where a potato farmer with an 8th grade education can start a company and grow it into one the most successful in the world and make himself one of the more wealthy people in the country are long gone, in the US anyway.

Laws, regulations, technology, all these things have come together to end those days.

To be sure, in the US, as far as I know, there is no law or rule preventing you from trying. It’s even encouraged. Your chances of success are almost zero though, in a general sort of way, without some sort of formal education.

The one thing that was said to me one time by a college professor that always stuck with me was this, “most degrees don’t require a class in economics to teach you about economics, but to teach you how to think in complex ways about complex and complicated subjects.”

That’s the deal OJ Simpson struck with Nicole Brown when they got married. What did she need to go to college for? She could study at home and he’d buy her all the books and equipment she needed. I think we all know how well that worked out.

In our society, having the ability to make your own money is superior to being dependent on someone else’s money. When you can rely on your own brain to get you what you want out of life, then you don’t have to put up with a partner’s abuse or bullshit.

This post resonated with me because my late mother often told us that “education and knowledge have intrinsic value.” This was probably because I wanted to drop out of high school and become a shepherd.

OTOH, it DID motivate me to check the dictionary to see what “intrinsic” actually meant. I have to admit that 50 additional years of experience have proven her absolutely correct.

Which is probably a waste of time.

As Filbert addresses, the woman in the OP is obviously going to want to dump the man in OP once she realizes that he’s actually a loser and an asshole, and she’ll probably end up on the short-end of the divorce settlement.

At that point, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics serves its purpose: “Education still pays.”

OP: the 1950s called. Your wind-up doll is ready.

In the situation you describe, the young (highly immature) man would no doubt sooner or later dump the mate for a younger model.

So she should certainly get an education … and look for a mature man to psend her life with.

P.S. As for the man - he should realise that having an educated, thoughtful, worldly mate is far better than just having a living Barbie doll.

So a lot of people are missing the idea. I don’t think I worded it well haha…I’m not good at being concise.

Here’s another way to put it:

A) You have graduated HS, got your degree from College, so you can brag about it whenever someone asks you, whoopie, but you haven’t found a great career or making great money in your life at 50 years old still getting paid minimum wage and have about $10k in savings in the bank. But at least you have the pride of having gone through the education system.

B) You dropped of school, never graduated, never went to College, seems embarrassing when it is raised up in social gatherings and dinners, but at 50, you have 20 million dollars in your bank account and you and your children are well secured and well taken care of for life.

Disclaimer: now of course you can say, I want to be A and made 20 million by the time I was 50, I know that…but this is not my question. I’m asking only between A and B scenario. Also
to note, this person is not being forced or abused to choose…they are fully in love and the relationship is real and mutual.

But why couldn’t you become educated without going to school? Education and school while both related are actually separate on their own. You can be educated without having diplomas or degrees. I personally think apprenticeship, coaching, mentoring, and real life experience is more educating than going through schools and getting a piece of paper at the end of it.

Schools definitely teach you a lot of things, but remember, you’re giving up 24 years or so of your life. To be honest, you could really learn a whole lot about yourself and the world in much shorter time span.

I’ve gone through schooling myself, graduated with my diplomas, certification, college degree and a masters degree. Not saying schools are bad, but I’m saying in my experience, there was a lot I didn’t learn from schooling in 28 years of it. There’s a lot I wished I would have learned but it never taught me and found out I learned more in a shorter period of time from simply talking to someone or being with someone. Apprenticeship and methods like this can teach you just as much if not more in a much shorter period of time.

When I was younger, I used to think time was endless. I would want to learn EVERYTHING and thought I would have the time to. I wanted to be like Fox Mulder…the dude somehow knew everything about anything (of course it was just a TV show), but I’d think to myself, maybe I can study everything and know everything like he did. Fast forward to present and you realize while education is a wonderful thing, you really don’t have use for all of it.

It’s not HOW MUCH you know, but more importantly, WHAT you know. We are not going to use or need everything you’ve ever spent your time on studying. You need to focus on more specific things tailored to your situation/needs in order to excel.

Trying to know everything but being a master at nothing, is not the goal we should aspire for. I realize that now. If I could have gone back in time as a child, I would have told myself, don’t waste your time trying to learn 100 different topics to show off and be like a walking encyclopedia like Fox Mulder. Instead, focus on becoming a master at 1 or 2 things, or even just really good at 3 or 4 things and ride that all the way.