Why do racists hate being called racist?

I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill slightly racist person, I’m talking about your full-fledged naming-his-kids-Adolf-Hitler-and-JoyceLynn-Aryan-Nation type person who then says:

I don’t get it.

because ‘racist’ is a term that automatically means to many people that someone who is racist should not have their views taken seriously. they don’t want that. also, many racists claim not to be prejudiced against anyone so much as they are advocates for their own race.

Best I can tell, they all claim that they don’t *hate *anyone, they just really, REALLY like white people.

“Don’t call it a hate group. Call it a support group for people with a mutual love of loathing certain people.”

Because it’s racist to call a racist a racist.

That’s such a racist thing to say :mad:

Ack! Now you are racist too! You are racist against racists who are racists against racists!

My head hurts now.

He may be making a distinction between being a racial separatist and a racist. Which isn’t a distinction most people bother to make (as the reasons for separatism are usually racist), but if he was raised on a bunch of white power propaganda his idea of racism might have some more extreme examples than most folks are familiar. Or he’s just pretending for the cameras.

I’m really kind of annoyed that I’ve seen two news articles about douchebags (the other was about an arrest warrant issued for a guy trying to pay his parking ticket in pennies) in the area where I’m going to be living soon.

The same reason liars hate to be called liars. Nobody takes as much offense or displays as much wounded dignity at being called a liar as a liar does. Maybe it is the same thing with racists. I really don’t know though because when I discover someone is a racist I stop listening to anything they have to say…

No one really likes a racist person for the most part. When you’ve discovered someone as a racist is pisses them off because they don’t want to be seen that way… The truth hurts, in this sense. It’s embarrassing to them. It’s not good for one’s reputation should others know this person was a racist. It will create problems in their social life. In other words, racists are usually hypocrites. It’s very rare to find racists who are open to the idea of being completely blunt about it and admitting to it openly. There are some groups like the KKK, Black Panthers, etc, but most racists are in denial about it, publicly, and don’t want to be seen as such.

It’s similar to masturbation… People are under the impression that if they make it known they masturbate people automatically assume they have a horrible sex life or don’t ever have sex which in turn makes it embarrassing to make public. People with sex lives masturbate too ya know…

Overall it’s just a privacy thing. People have private thoughts and they don’t want them to be exposed.

Could it be, heaven forbid, that he isn’t a racist?. Maybe he’s just an attention whore. Maybe he’s making a point of the fact that invoking some dead bastard’s name doesn’t mean his kid is going to grow up into a genocidal maniac.

The fact that his other kid is named Aryan Nation kind of hurts your already weak argument…

Right. Because it’s unthinkable that an attention whore would give their kid a name that scandalises people like that.

It’s just a name. If all today’s racists do is give their kids stupid names, and don’t even discriminate against or insult people of other races, who cares?

Terms like “racist” suggest the person has no logical basis for their beliefs. That they are irrational. Racists of course strongly believe they have well founded reasons for their beliefs.

Yeah, it’s the split between white supremacist and white separatist… the latter will claim that all are equal, but that each race should have its own exlcusive homeland.

Still racists, obviously, but it can be finessed to sound wacky but egalitarian.

Because racism is gay.

It’s the same with bigotry, though. People can say the most outlandish things, preach the double standard, talk about how being gay negatively affects straight people and then get super pissy when called a bigot–why, they’re just telling the truth that those damned PC liberals won’t let you know about. Isn’t that pretty much what Orson Scott Card says when called on his BS?

Because the typical liberal calling you a racist isn’t very different from McCarthy calling you a Communist or Cotton Mather calling you a witch.

Or a charge of not being in touch with family values from your typical conservative?

Bigot! :mad: