Why do some people have cool descriptions under their name?

All I have is “member.” How would I go about changing it?

You don’t. That function has been turned off and the–ahem–individuals who changed their titles are having them changed back.

Bah! I was finally going to be “The Gay Guy!” :frowning:

(And may I humbly suggest that titles be a feature that might be available only to those who, oh, I don’t know, pay for a subscription, as opposed to making everyone pay. Just a thought. Thank you.)


I hope you didn’t mean that to sound so nasty, bibliophage. The insertion of “ahem” implies that you used the word “individuals” instead of something–ahem–stronger.

Hey, don’t blame us. We found the board up, we rushed to our profiles to change our passwords, and oh! look! a new toy! something fun on the new board!

It’s not like we conspired to make work for you or something. Grow up, bossman.

I take exception to the tone of this post. We were in no way trying to be naughty. The option was there, and we took it. We thought it would be amusing, and it was. There was no way we were supposed to know it was verboten. How rude of you to suggest that we were purposely trying to create extra work for you.


I liked that title option. Why can’t we have it? I think it’s neat. Well, it looks like I’m going to be “Extremely Pedantic Guy” for a little while longer. sniff

You are all a bunch of–ahem–troublemakers, and I hope they make you–ahem–copulate with yourselves.

I’d like it to be noted that I saw that we could give ourselves titles and therefore did so. I didn’t realise it was against the rules that utilising functions that were -ahem- available and hadn’t been disabled was against the rules and that the -ahem- individuals that utilised them would be in the wrong.

It’s no different than a sig, a neat way to personalize your identity. Make claiming to be a mod or admin when you’re not a banable offense, and let us have fun with it. I suspect that the reason why we can’t do it is going to boil down to the fact that we never could before. shrug Strikes me as much ado about nothing, rules for the sake of rules.

Well, outside of the fact that I really DO have a lot of stuff to do right this very second and don’t really want to have to be going around fixing stuff . . .

Give us a break, would you?

your humble TubaDiva

Are you talking to Weirddave or the–ahem–individuals, Tuba? Because I don’t think any of us intended to give you any more work to do. We saw a feature and used it.

How could we have possibly known that we weren’t supposed to use it?

(I don’t mean to seem so defensive, but I feel bad about doing something wrong and making your life more complicated.)

Folks, could we all just relax a bit? This is a shake down cruise. The SDMB has only been back for an hour. I imagine there’s lots of kinks to be worked out and decisions to be made. I vote we give Tuba & Co. a little breathing space.

 Anyway, there's plenty of new toys to marvel at.  It's pretty silly to complain about the one you haven't got.  I'm impressed by the list of logged in users at the top of the forum, not to mention the awesome possibilities of "Buddy" and "Ignore!"

I just want to add my name to the list of people who, seeing stuff like attachments correctly disabled, assumed that everything left enabled was done so deliberately. I don’t have a problem with the fact that Tuba gets as many do-overs on that as she wants (especially since I feel like I owe Tuba a pallet or two of chocolate, at the very least), but I’d also like to go on the list of people saying (gently, mind you) that I think Bibliophage is out of line to suggest that there was some sort of Evil Motive involved.

Incidentally, while I think that the potential for abuse is a Bad Thing (I could just as easily have made my title Administrator, or BANNED, as I did the actual title in question), I’d love to see it come back. Is there any way to turn it off for certain people, or to forbid certain words from appearing titles? How about requiring >[some large n] number of posts before it can be used?

Please? Any chance at all?

Well, if I’ve learned anything from reading this thread, I’ve learned this:


Green Bean
Can I steal your sig?

Lighten up, folks! Bibliophage is a really nice guy. We all are, and we’re working hard to make this thing work well for all of us. Please be patient.

Everything you ask is possible, if desired by the SDMB.

Surely, my dear!

So I see now that, after taking our toy away from us, the mods are playing with it themselves! What’s this “Super Moderator” nonsense? And why do YOU get to play with the cool thing but the rest of us don’t, huh? Huh? Huh, ya bullies? Huh?