why do some threads get closed without any obvious reason?

this is the main reason http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=28051

I don’t know why it got closed, I thought that it was a silly/entertaining thread.

ditto. What gives?

The reason is simple. I grew weary of it. The thread now displeases me. One call to the moderators and they do my bidding.

(Just kidding UncleBeer and Eutychus55! Please don’t ban me!)

According to the laws of the City of Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois, the contents of that thread constituted Child Abuse.

The Chicago Police came to the offices of the Reader on Monday and pounded Ed on the kidneys with billy clubs until he agreed to have it closed.

That, and BratMan got sick of it.

I closed that thread at the request of the OP. I didn’t post my reason for closing it since I found it near the bottom of the second page of topics. Had I posted my reasoning, it would merely have brought a closed thread to the top of the list. Either that, or it was before my first cup of coffee at 5:00am. Maybe I wasn’t thinking clearly. Choose whichever excuse you like. But the OP did e-mail me asking it be closed.

By “OP” UncleBeer obviously means me (as in Omnipotent Poster), right Unc?

(please don’t ban me, I’m just playin. love ya buddy!)

More like omnipresent poster. Good Lord you’re everywhere Brat Man.

You better believe it. Nothing escapes my notice. And you were especially naughty last night! You’ll find the lost pair of panties in the glove box, btw.

Um. what is an OP?
And now I am -really- dying to know why it was closed!
If you cannot say the reason for that thread being closed, could you give the generic reasons that threads get closed?

What about this thread:

Seemed verry mild for the pit, but was closed in 11 minutes.

** Straight Dope Message Board > The BBQ Pit
Is there really a rule that you ban anyone who dares to put his first post here?

In most cases, I beleive it means ‘Original POST’, but in this case I think we are referring to the ‘Original PostER’.


I thought I had explained that. I guess I’m not being taken seriously. That seems to happen a lot.

happens to me too. Must be a zoomie thing.



Can you really blame them. I mean look how you dress. :stuck_out_tongue:

dook - What’s a zoomie?

little*bit - You may have something there. I have something over here, but the doctor says it should clear up after a few penicillin shots. The truth is, I’m so god-awful ugly, I have to wear the jacket to take the focus off my face. I have a better chance of getting laid that way.

Got a good laugh off of this.

BTW- Thanks for the info on the OP thingy. Now it makes reasonable sense.

Get a big fryingpan.

Same thing as a wing-wiper. Zoomie is to air force as squid is to navy… You intel guys don’t get out much, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

-dook the zoomie… for 157 more days

We were always called flyboys, and no we didn’t get out much. I was too busy holed up in a basement with headsets on tapped phone converstions, which were usually nimrods having phone sex on the government dime.

Ah, the good old days . . .

Yeah I know. I can’t spend 3 minutes on the office phone without hearing that all-too-familiar set of clicks. I usually try to fuck with them though… “So… you get the stuff?” [Yeah I got it] “Good. I got the money. meet me on perimeter road at 6:30”.


I’ve seen the pictures. Now you’re just fishing for compliments. Normally I’d be perfectly willing, but the fact that I’m forced to look at your GF every time I go to your website makes me feel guilty. :wink: