Why was this thread closed?

OK, I made an obscure pop cultural reference, trying to see if anyone would answer http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=56293 here. It was closed before anyone could respond to it.

I’m just curious why this MSPIMS thread was closed. It was not vulgar or inappropriate. It’s somewhat pointless, an inside joke kinda, but I thought that’s what ‘Mindless Pointless Stuff I Must Share’ was about.

Well, you have to admit that if Unclebeer has never seen This Video than what you posted makes absolutely no sense, and it would appear that it has no reason to stay open.

There is plenty of stuff in MPSIMS that does not make sense at first, if you don’t get certain references. They are not closed within 2 minutes of their being opened.

Mods have bad days too.

The short answer? UncleBeer hates you.

You’re joking, right? I hope so. I wasn’t trying to start a flame war, just make a comment on the forum’s moderation and clarify some things.

Why would I joke about something like that?
short answer? yes.

Well, that’s a shitty reason to close a thread.

Anybody else hate me? I’ve been missing out on a lot of fun!

Well, I toyed with the idea of hating you but decided it would be entirely too time consuming so I resigned myself to just treating you like everyone else.


That’s cool that you decided not to hate me. I think you are pretty cool, even though you look a lot like an evil Beth I used to date and I’m reminded of her every time I see your handle. 8^)

Did you miss the Pit thread about you? Sheesh…


I’m actually a bit surprised that nobody has opened a Pit thread about me yet. Feel free to, but I tend to react to flames by either admitting it if they are true or posting simple denials if they aren’t.

And it’s so easy to do, since you’re holier than the rest of us… :rolleyes:

But, hey, at least you’re consistent - you did post that you were wrong. Kudos for that. Maybe it’ll start a noteworthy and welcome trend on your part.


Terribly sorry. Most Beths I know really are bitches–how odd!

I’ve always admitted I was wrong when I felt I was or it was pointed out to me, unlike some people. And I have never said or implied I was holier than anyone else - when I said some things that could be seen as judgemental (i.e. promiscuity is dangerous) I gave examples of my own promiscuity to try and show I wasn’t trying to say I was better than anyone else, and stated time and again that I didn’t think promiscuity was wrong in and of itself, I just had a problem with people trying to perpetuate the idea that there are never consequences for your actions if you take measures to reduce (but not eliminate) your risk. You disagree, obviously, and that’s fine, but don’t put words in my mouth.

Well, for a certain age group that can be partially explained by the fact they had that sappy KISS song sung at them over and over again. 8^)

Lately, we’ve been seeing things shift from Mostly Mundane to Utterly Pointless somewhat in MPSIMS. Combine this with the knowledge that the boards are running at full capacity, with servers barely able to keep up, and you could get a clear picture of why threads that are completely incomprehensible are closed sometimes. MPSIMS is a social forum, but that doesn’t mean that completely inane (or incomprehensible) threads deserve a place there.

That same day, OpalCat posted an explanatory thread regarding your closed one. As you can see, it’s a real crowd magnet with a grant total of two replies. One of which is by the OP. It was left open because it made sense to someone not in the know.

Clearly, the subject isn’t that close to our collective hearts - I wouldn’t lose much sleep about it being closed if I were you. Also, I don’t understand why a Pit Thread is used where a simple e-mail to UncleBeer would have been so much more effective.

I don’t use my email very often outside of work. I have a web based email account but I rarely check it or use it to send mail, the only other alternative is my work email address, which has my full last name in it, and because of some shit that happened in the past I am very reluctant to let strangers have it.

Anyway, The Pit is not just for flames, it is also the appropriate forum for comments or questions on moderation.

The thing that got me about that thread closing was it was a mere two minutes after it was posted. Nobody had a chance to respond, whether to go along with the joke or to explain it’s origins, it was simply locked, with a somewhat hostile-seeming note from the moderator who closed it.

I thought that maybe it was closed because of the all-caps thing, but apparently that wasn’t it. I posted it because I know some people from the somethingawful.com boards post here, and they are pretty much all fans of ZeroWing dialogue, there are threads with hundreds of responses dedicated to it, and I was hoping one of them would see it and maybe respond with ‘SOMEBODY SET UP US THE BOMB’ or something similar. I thought MPSIMS was the appropriate place to post such silliness.

We are trying to trim the fat around here. The two most popular forums are becoming so popular that it’s hard to for the mods to keep up. Knowing that, it doesn’t make sense to further contribute to the deluge by starting insanely insular OPs.

When I first saw that thread I thought “Perhpas Badtz has smoked some crack and posted while high.” That’s not an insult to you Badtz, its just that bizarre posts under the influence have been done before. I really had no reason to think that it was supposed to make sense.

Honestly, walk into the subway one day and scream “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!! WHAT YOU SAY???” and see for yourself how many strange looks you get.