Why do Tabs on Chrome now have big drop-down previews?

It used to be that if I hovered over a tab on Chrome, it would give a short drop-down preview of the full name of the tab. Now it gives a much larger drop-down preview, but it’s pretty much useless, since the font is so small as to be illegible.

Did I do something to change it? Can I change it back?

It also lets you know which tab is playing audio.

I always have sound off.

I just find them clutter.

Should be,

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. In the URL bar, enter the following and hit return/enter:
  3. For “Tab Hover Cards” choose “Disabled” from the dropdown menu
  4. Relaunch Chrome

I hated it!

“We hates it for ever!”

Excellent. Thank you. Is that now the default, or did I somehow change it?

It came with an update in the last two weeks or so. I hated it too and disabled it using @crowmanyclouds method.