Why Do the Men In The Erectile Dysfunction Ads Creep Me Out?

I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is something consistently creepy about the men in E.D. commercials; whether it be Cialis or Viagra (those are the most prevalent brands that I see commercials for). Does anyone else get this sort of reaction from the ads?

I don’t know if it’s the combination that the makers of the commercial are going for: older yet still sexual beings, that inherently makes the actors come off as weird or creepy or what but the men all make my one side of my upper lip rise up in a subconscious “ugh” whenever I see the commercials.

I think you’ve answered your own question there. Ads for ED pills obviously will target the middle-aged-male demographic, that being their target market. And our entire society has the entrenched cultural meme that middle-aged males having any interest in sex is just creepy-skeevy-icky.

ETA: I don’t know. Maybe that’s right. Someone tell me.

Dirty old men.

Man, it’s a good thing you don’t have to sleep with him.!

Bob Dole’s ad was really disturbing. Give me some brain bleach.

Old men telling me they can get hard now isn’t exactly appealing.

No, it’s not the concept that creeps me out, it’s the specific skeeves in those ads. Like how the wife will be innocently watching T.V. (for example) and the husband-with-a-hard-on is eye-ballin’ her with a devious grin on his face until she notices.

I am not sure that age is the real issue. I rather think that straight men, in general, don’t like to think about other men having sex. (This also explains the popularity of lesbian porn among straight men.) possibly it is because they are afraid they will catch TEH GAY!

Hahaha I totally said this very thing to my brother yesterday when we were watching a ball game!

I decided it was because the gist of the commercials (at least the latest Cialis ads) is that the dudes are thinking “I am so going to fuck your brains out.” And you can tell that the direction they were given by the director was to “say ‘I am so going to fuck your brains out’ with your eyes!”

I mean, I’m sure that’s what every dude is thinking about the woman they’re with all the time, I’m sure. But when you put a “PENIS PILL!” stamp on top of it, it brings the creepy thoughts to the forefront.


The guys in those ads aren’t supposed to be erect already. ED meds don’t result in instant arousal. The idea is that the men in those ads are now free to indulge in flirtations and/or respond to romantic moments without worrying they won’t be able to perform should those flirtations and/or romantic moments lead to sex. You might notice also the supposed relief and eagerness the women in those ads display, newly happy in the knowledge that their good-looking, fit, forty-or-fifty-something mates can now get it on.

There is very little about those ads that is believable, but at least the men are younger, better-looking and in better shape than 95% of the meds’ target market, who are more likely to be sixty/seventy-year-old potbellied couch potatoes. You should be thankful that those guys look as good as they do.


Next you’ll be telling me that beer drinkers aren’t all slender, fit 20-somethings.

If they ever legalize all recreational drugs, I wonder what the actors in the crack cocaine and meth ads will look like. :dubious:

Because they all look like they are auditioning to play Romney in a mini-series?

Bingo. You nailed it (no pun intended). :smiley:

ITA that it’s the look in their eyes – almost a predatory leer. “Ooooh baby, have I got something for you!” I think they’re going for seductive but it doesn’t work.

The guys in the ads are attractive, except for their expressions, which would be creepy even if the guys were in their 20’s.

The most truly seductive look I’ve ever seen on an actor’s face is Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone. He looks quietly pleased, as he unbuttons what’s her face’s sweater.

I also get this same icky feeling at those commercials, and I do not think it is because these men are displayed as sexual beings or that I am just being agist. I get the same feeling about the women in personal cleanser ads, and I think that it all boils down to the fact that I do not want to think about other people’s stuff like that, maybe it’s just me.

Man, if ever a sentence needed hyphens, it’s this one.:wink:

The “erection lasting more than 4 hours” part is probably the creepiest.

They should get an animal mascot instead, like Fritz the Cat.

Here Ambivalid! Meet Sniff 'n Stiff for skeevy AND fuck-knows-what-else-but-I-don’t-want-to-put-my-finger-on-it…

Please, Slithy Tove, throw that cat onto those tinkled ivories.

Fear of multiple bathtubs?

I have to admit, when they start up, I can’t tell if it’s an ad for boner pills or men’s hair dye. They’re going for the same audience.

Or Horndog, the happy-scrappy fucky-pup

Or Randy the Rhino

Or Peter Pan. (this ain’t a peanutbutter sandwich, baby)

Or Twizler McTenderloin, a cartoon boar with his corkscrew dingus