Why do we crave the Fizz?

I’ve posted this question in Cafe Society because it pertains to beverages; if it seems to be of more of a GQ nature, by all means move it.

Why is it that sometimes the only cold drink that seems to really hit the spot is one with carbonation? Personally, when I’m really thirsty, sometimes nothing will do but something not only cold but fizzy – whether it’s a club soda, a Co’Cola, ginger ale, or one of those delightful apple-flavored Mexican sodas. Not always – sometimes the best thing is iced tea or some icy-cold, mint- or ginger-infused water – but often enough to make me wonder about it.

Is this purely psychological, or is there some other reason a carbonated beverage is sometimes the most sublimely satisfacory sip, ?

17 years ago, I may have agreed with you. Back then, I was downing about a 2-liter bottle of cola a day However, I gave up carbonated beverages for a New Year’s resolution that year. Since then, I have consumed mostly water and an occasional lemonade or juice drink. After Katrina hit our area and we were living in a disaster area and living off donated food, I tried drinking a carbonated beverage again. I had lost my taste for carbonation. It was bitter and I could not drink it down quickly, I had to sip it slowly. That was enough for me to go back exclusively to water and the occasional non-carbonated beverage. So, in terms of refreshment, I can’t agree with you. I need something I can drink quickly.

I like the fizz, and it also satisfies me better than non-fizzy drinks. In my case, I think I like the feeling that it’s “scrubbing” away the thirst, kinda.

I never really liked coca cola and that has evolved into a distaste for most carbonation. I occasionally drink Sprite or ginger ale if I have an upset stomach. I don’t think I ever craved the fizz. If I’m super thirsty water with a little lemon or lime is what cures that.

I think for me it has to do with perceived sweetness. Carbonation seems to erase some of the sweetness and add a bitter kick. I love bitter.

Yeah. There’s a clean feeling in your mouth after drinking a cola that you don’t get after milk or juice or coffee. I get the same feeling with tea though, so I don’t know if it’s the fizz or if it’s related to texture.

When I’m really thirsty, the only thing that hits the spot is plain water. No carbonation! Carbonation burns slightly, especially in popular sodas like Coke & Pepsi, and I get the burps if I chug it.

Otherwise though, carbonated drinks somehow seem fresher and lighter.

I do not crave the fizz. I can’t drink pop from a can, even, I need to pour it into a glass to reduce a lot of the fizz. I will cut diet Sprite or similar with fruit juice (okay, then add vodka, I confess). A little fizz is nice occasionally, but if I’m thirsty, I want cold, plain water or not-too-sweet fruit juice.

My husband, on the other hand, is fizzy Coke addict, and drinks it straight from the can in huge gulps.

The resultant burps will make the walls shake.

I think the carbonation also fills your stomach up giving you a sated feeling. I can drink a 2 litre non carbonated drink straight down. But I can’t do that with a carbonated beverage.

So I think it’d have to do with the feeling of being full

I definitely do not crave the fizz. The only thing that truly satisfies my thirst is water. I grew up drinking soda, but years ago I made a conscious effort to cut out sodas because they are chock full of sugar and other stuff that is bad for us. It was a good lifestyle change that resulted in an unintentional weight loss and a new found appreciation for a free beverage.

When I get thirsty, I crave fizzy water. Never soda - if anything, soda gives me a hangover, it definitely doesn’t wash away thirst. Plain water does quench thirst, but it’s so boring that I tend not to drink enough if that’s all I’m drinking. So to keep me hydrated, we always have Poland Springs or something around the house.

(It’s interesting that the association most people have with carbonated beverages is sodas. Is that because most of the people here are Americans? When I visited my grandparents in Germany, we drank mineral water every day, and that’s what I grew up on too. For me, fizzy is not associated with sugary drinks at all.)

As to why, I think fizz adds interest without having to add sugars or acids.

I think that I crave the fizz and the rush of carbonation you initially get upon the first gulp. Even if it makes me hiccup, I’ll take a huge swig of pop (Japan’s Coca Cola was the most carbonated I’ve ever had and the best!) and it’s like a combination of the carbonation and holding my breath as I take the huge gulp almost gives me a small boost/high. I know it’s not sugar-related since all I drink is diet pop.

For me, it’s that bubbly, burning sensation on my tongue, and the fact that growing up, pop was something I usually only on special occassions-at family picnics, parties, or at least when we went to Grammas, and she always had ginger ale for us kids.

I also crave it when my stomach’s upset, because the carbonation helps settle it.

The best soda for this feeling is a fountain mixture of Mountain Dew and Lemon-Lime Slice (do they still make that?). Very scrubby and refreshing.

Burns slightly? Burns A LOT, at least to me. I find carbonated beverages painful to drink. I prefer to let them sit with ice (and/or rum) in them until they’ve watered down a bit and aren’t as painful to drink. I almost never drink soda as anything other than a liquor mixer. So I can pretty much say I’ve never craved the fizz.

I have tried carbonated water and it made me gag and choke. It tastes like sea water or something. It’s totally nasty. If it has fizz, it has to be sweet to cut the yuck of the fizz.

I, too, hate the fizz, and, on the rare occasions where I drink soda, try to get it as flat as possible first.

Soda is a very weird product all around; it’s caricatured as appealing to base, childlike impulses for pure sweetness, and yet, the most popular flavor isn’t vanilla or cherry or strawberry-banana milkshake. No, it’s a just barely registering hint of (ostensible) kola nut. I mean, I do kinda like that flavor, but still, of all things…

(Well, I suppose there are logistical problems with having strawberry-banana milkshakes be the world’s most popular mass-produced drink.)

Fizzy drinks were such a treat growing up. We would take the heavy glass soda fountain - as we called it - up to the pub and swap it for a full one. It was for the whiskey sodas at my parents parties, but also to be mixed with orange juice for the best drink ever for kids - I love the way the juice makes a creamy froth. Later we got our very own soda bottle with little green lozenges of gas and we made it ourselves.

For me to truly get my fizz on - and funnily enough I did it today - it’s 3/4 Perrier, 1/4 orange juice on ice. Schwepps bitter lemon is a king among sodas.