Why do we get a "No SIM" error message on our iPad?

This afternoon, Mrs Piper’s iPad stopped connecting to the Internet and in the upper left corner is sowing a little message: “No SIM.”

Any idea why this would suddenly start happening? How can I fix it?

Have you tried doing a full shutdown, then eject and reinsert the SIM? With any luck, it’s just a transient thing. My phone did the same thing a couple weeks ago, and the shutdown and eject bit fixed it.

How do you eject the SIM card on an iPad?

Remove the SIM card from your iPhone or iPad. In many cases the instructions call for you to use the “SIM eject tool,” but a bent paper clip works just fine if you, like me, have no idea where that little thing got off to.

I get that on my phone every now and then. I just turn my phone off then restart it. Works every time.

Powered off and on and it’s working again. Thanks all.