Why Do We Greet With Hell-Low (Hello) Hell-P(Help)??.. Demon=Nomed(ication)Will Help! Evil=A*Live*..

A-L-E-R-T!! Bible:Satan who is the god of this earth has blinded everyone WHY!! Do We Greet With HELL-(L)O(W)…Hello (Hell is under the earth)…WHY Do We Cry For HELL-P (Help) In Life Threatening Situations? For More Time Before Most Peoples Destination of hell because of bondage (Demon Possession To Influence you to Sin) -Bible talks about this!
Backword Spelling Satans Language (Rememer Satan is god of this earth that means he is responsible for earthly and fleshly thngs not of the spirit) - DEVIL= LIVED (Satan Lived in heaven and is now a fallen slain soul of earth and hell) EVIL= ALive (Evil has always been Live Since adam and eve got decieved by Satan) Demon=Nomed(ication) will cure your illness, Will only suppress the demon,
Mad= Dam(nation) People Mad(Angry) Inside are linked to Damnation as they will tend deny God and others –

I Had Gone to Church and had received Wisdom Prayers From men of God and i could see and feel a bright pulsating light in my mind as my eyes were closed and Man of God Laid his hands on my head… Days after Revelation after Revelation would come to me

God Is Real and is the alpha & omega (Beginning of time the after and the inbetween) He didnt have it in our Brain to Know how this makes sense but i PROMISE YOU when you pass everything will be revealed and will make as sense as buying a pair of gloves that fit!!! xD

GOD USES Technology that no man could replicate or even begin to comprehend,OUR BRAINS is a super computer, In a way we are Robots but more advanced and delicate that Robots you see in Hollywood movies, OUR SOUL gives us the FREE WILL, Think about if you were to create a Robot you would need a Energy Supply and even than it would be programmed to do certain things in a certain way with no FREE WILL or Conciousness as WE Understand it As our SOUL is that concioussness not our Brain.

All of our SOULS are Naked and are put in a Human Body so all of our emotions and what makes us… us is molded or attached into our Soul making it that unique Spirit of the person it was Embodied in while on earth when it gets to heaven or hell.

Because our brains is a super computer we NEED to DOWNLOAD God into our mind otherwise it is like having a Best Friend you have never met yet, That being said when you die how can you expect that Best friend (God) to revive you and bring you to everlasting iife in Paradise when you dont know who he is!!!because if your an atheist or have never prayed in your life you have never opened that gateway to meet God. It will be you that put yourself in HELL Not God… Just 1 prayer and you have met your best friend for literally LIFE.Ofcourse 1 prayer doesnt make you 100% saved because God will looks into your heart, How much you believe in him and love him, How sorry you do feel for the sins you repented for and ECT (I use technology terms because everything is ultmately energy… GOD is the SOURCE, Jesus Christ is the True Pure Son of God)

John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Corinthians 10:21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils

YOUR WITH GOD OR YOUR NOT, If your an atheist you serve Satan rather you accept it, know it or even comprehend it, No God in your life, Satan takes over slowely deceiving you into Hell even if your a GOOD person!! Do not deny the one who created You, The reason why your reading this. -I BEG BECAUSE I KNOW THE TRUTH DUE TO A RECENT EXPERIENCE WHEN I SHOULD I HAVE DIED BUT SAVED BY PRAYER, PRAY EVERYDAY, REPENT AND MEAN IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART MIND AND SOUL AND KNOW GOD IS LISTENING AND WILL ANSWER.




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I’m getting really good at estimating join date from thread title plus user name.

Ahh. YouTube channel.

Had me right up to the spam for the youtube channel…

IM NOT Trolling Nor Do i Recieve Revelations From being stoned… I do like my weed nad understand and accept 100% i will have to asswer for my addictions if iwere to die as an addict that is…

I DIDNt know you cant post youtube channel x( Nor em i spamming nor do i care if anyone goes to my youtube channel my main goal here was to say what i said as hopefully it wil lwake you up that this LIFE Isnt a joke nor a game GOD IS REAL

You had me at “OUR BRAINS is a supercomputer” and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Bless your heart. You sound like a hot mess.


smartest thing you’ve done today.

YOU cant edit your post?? i just got to accept being banned for posting something i didnt know and get laughed at because i meant our brain is Like a super computer not literally 1… what a site this is… i love it

Maybe you should talk to your GAWD about some computer help.

What is the YouTube link? Proselytizing…or malware…or an ad of some sort?

Pretty sure its a time share for demon possesions - apparantly, there are only 10-20% vacancies left

needs some commas too -

“poof of GOD SATAN”


"proof of GOD, SATAN "

you decide.

I wasn’t laughing at the supercomputer reference, I was laughing at “our brains is”. Your lack of a warm reception is because your post doesn’t fit this forum. It’s a long rambling post about things that can’t be proven true or false and that can’t really be debated. It happens often and everyone has enough experience with posts like this that they know that no matter what anyone says, you won’t listen and come up with a reasoned and convincing counterpoint. These threads aren’t debates, they’re just downhill train wrecks, so we pop some popcorn and watch until it gets to the bottom.

It’s like refrigerator magnet poetry. It almost makes sense and it’s kind of funny, but not quite real English.

I think someone added something to your 420…

Do you have any Allman Brothers?

It is, however, the appropriate venue for your post since by forum rules this is where religious witnessing goes.

So witness away, just realize you’re in for a lot of snark as this board isn’t at all witness-friendly.

Me too.