Why DO We Have A HOJM Smiley?

As prompted by this thread: ;j
http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=140787 ;j

Why do we have an orthodox jew smiley? ;j

Is it just to make me ask questions? ;j

Please see the Happy Orthodox Jew thread.

I see…

Sort of.

Do not taunt Happy Orthodox Jew.

so I assume there may someday be an terrorist Palestinian smilie?

Incongruities abound. Improper non-placement of Papal Smiley exists. Demand we righteously all Forms of Silliness!

I want a happy Christian smilie; it will have an enormous Bible, a cardigan and probably some sort of beard.

Actually, better not make it too happy.

Is that why the WN’s were so pissed off? They just wanted equality?

In this thread about it: Jdavis: New smiley? It flashed by, but when I clicked on it said Illegal thread?, Arnold gives a link to the thread where it all started: For cmkeller . . . a question about Judaism’s rituals.

Don’t think I recall Arnold saying “boy howdy!” before…