Why do white people like to eat bloody meat?

I have recently read some message boards hoping to find an honest answer to this question and I have noticed some very derogatory comments about why black people eat well done meat. As a black person, I know why black people eat their meat well done, but I cannot understand why someone would knowingly eat blood, juiciness or not.

OK, I’ll bite.
Why do black people like their meat well done?

It’s not blood. It’s myogobin.

And some of us believe that a rarer steak is tastier. Not all of us do though, by a long shot, lol.

But how long has the question been cooked for?

Just let it rest.

I’ve had blood. It was tasty.

Juicy question.

That redness isn’t really blood, and *it’s still in there *in well-done meat. It’s just cooked myoglobin then. Anyway, I like medium-rare best because of how it tastes. I can enjoy a good steak anywhere from rare to almost well done, but medium-rare just tastes best to me.

Let’s move this over to IMHO for now.

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I’m carefully poking at what I fear to be a landmine here, but I believe that it’s because pork and chicken are never eaten less than well-done. Until quite recently, fish was always served well done. You might be having shrimp, salmon, ribs, or chicken at a restaurant, and right at the next table I might be having steak or prime rib. Those I would eat medium or medium rare. If I were to be eating a burger or chopped steak, it’d be cooked well done. And of course, if I had BBQ ribs, they would also be well done.
I suspect it’s more of a food choice issue than a doneness issue. And I, too, want to know why this is connected to race.

I’m a white guy AND I like rare meat. As others have said it tastes better.

I’m white and I prefer my meat well done, fwiw. I think it tastes better that way.

Lunch Friday and dinner last night. :wink:

I prefer to eat beef medium-rare because it tastes better that way, and is more tender.

I think that in Rural areas they like it well done regardless of race. Rare is more urbane.

It really only applies to steaks and Lamb.

I’m for Med rare. It’s juicier and tastier. Well done is a chore to chew.

How do you like your tuna steak?

Cuz we’re Neanderthals, crackin’ cows over the head with clubs!!!

What cut of steak do you like well done?

I was recently at an Indian restaurant with my daughter. When the food arrived for the couple sitting next to us, the man let out a very loud, “YUM YUM YUMMY!” It made us giggle so hard we almost choked.
Why do I like bloody beef - cause it’s…“YUM YUM YUMMY!”

Here ya go.

Aren’t you generalizing here? How would you know for a fact that ALL black people like their meat well done? Or for that matter that ALL white people like it bloody…or juicy?

I know plenty of white people who prefer their meat well done.

That said, I’m not one of them.

When it comes right down to it, I’ve found just about any meat tastes better rare or raw. Steak tartar? Mild and delicious. Same for sushi - all the non-sushi eaters I know think that sushi is incredibly fishy. Not so; the ‘fishiness’ comes out as it cooks, raw fish is light, fresh & clean tasting. Pork is being served pink nowadays (though not truly rare) and I’ve heard that in Japan, chicken sushi is common. I’d love to try it, but not with American salmonella-laden chicken.

So that’s why I eat my steak rare or medium-rare, depending on the cut. Can’t answer for all white folks, just me.