Why do Whoppers (chocolate) cause me so much stomach trouble?

Sorry to be so darn explicit about this, but after eating a few of the Whopper malted-milk chocolates, my stomach starts making noises for the rest of the day.

This doesn’t happen with any other chocolate bar I eat. I have even had Olestra chips without any trouble!

I love Whoppers, but I can’t eat them anymore. Any ideas?

I looked on the Hershey’s web page and they don’t report ingredients, only nutritional value. Please post the ingredients.

BTW, Kansas Man, welcome to the SDMB.

Here are the ingredients. I guess the lactose may be the problem. I do have similar problems when I drink anything higher than certain brands of skim milk. Is there lactose in every chocolate product or is this unique to Whoppers?
Ingredients of Whoppers
-partly hydrogenated palm kernel oil
-corn syrup
-malted milk (wheat flour and malt barely extract, milk, salt and sodium bicarbonate)
-sorbitan tristearate
-resinous glaze
-artificial flavors
-gum arabic
-calcium carbonate
-tapioca destrin
-xanthan gum

Lactose certainly could be the problem. Lactose intolerance has caused more than once grumbly tummy.

I hate to do this, but could you post the ingredients of a candy bar you eat (preferably another Hershey’s product) that doesn’t cause these problems.

Go ahead, be more explicit concerning your “grumbly tummy”. Gas? Diarrhea? Both? Lots of us here on the boards have lactose intolerance. You’re in good company. :slight_smile: And we routinely post threads talking explicitly about the most disgusting bodily functions… :smiley:

Eh, there are many sources for lactose in Whoppers besides the chocolate.
-lactose (duh :rolleyes: )
-malted milk (wheat flour and malt barely extract, milk, salt and sodium bicarbonate)

There are also two other ingredients that may cause problems in some people. Calcium carbonate is what the vast majority of OTC calcium supplements are made of, and many people (including moi) have trouble with them. Dunno how much would be in a single Whopper, but if you’re talking about eating a handful, that might be enough to push the ol’ gastrointestinal tract over the edge.

Also, partly hydrogenated palm kernel oil, being a tropical oil, gives some people allergic reactions (again, including moi).

Still, my #1 guess would be lactose. It doesn’t have anything to do with how much fat is in the milk–skim milk doesn’t have any more or less lactose in it than 2% or whole milk.

All milk chocolate will have a certain amount of lactose in it; by trial and error (fun fun fun!) you slowly but surely discover which candy bars give you diarrhea and which don’t. You can also learn how to eat one of those “lactase” Dairy-Eze pills when you drink milk. Yes, they work.

If skim milk doesn’t give you a grumbly tummy and whole milk does, then I think you’re looking at a fat-digesting problem, like Crohn’s disease or gallstones. AFAIK, there’s nothing you can do about that except stop drinking whole milk.

Do a Google search on “lactose intolerance” and expand your horizons. :slight_smile: http://www.google.com

God, Ducky, you’ve got style :smiley:

Might I offer this additional bit of info? Lactaid is used by quite a few people to control the intolerance. I use it, so do my kids-both of whom are Lactose intolerant. It comes in pill form, and they also make Lactaid milk. My kids live on that stuff.

I’m not promoting the use of this stuff for any personal gain in any way. It just seems to work rather nicely . I can handle a Frappuccino now and then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Duck Duck: My tummy sounds like it is exploding cause of all the gas making sounds. I don’t think I get dirhea (what a gross word!) but I have explosive gas. Its kinda like when you have a little ball of cca in front of the gas and it shoots out like its coming from a schoolbook depository window!

Other chocolate bars: Pretty much anything else is okay. Mars, KitKat, M&Ms, Tobler - everything is fine. I guess, like everyone else, a chocolate bar will change the consistency of you poo when you go to the bathroom many hours later. But with Whoppers… bam! I feel it after a few minutes!

On my milk habits: It’s funny that you mention that skim milk doesn’t have any more lactose than 2%. I had skim the other morning (for two mornings actually) and I had gas pains and sounds all day! So I guess it is the lactose.

Thanks for all the advice dudes! Me and my stomach appreciate it!

My hubby gets a tummy ache from malted milk–try a chocolate malt at the ice cream shoppe or some Ovaltine and see if that’s your problem. (Of course, both those products contain milk, so if you’re lactose intolerant this will result in a false positive. :slight_smile: )