Why do WWE wrestlers have such small


Well, uh, I couldn’t say. I haven’t particularly seen any WWE wrestlers penises to make an opinion on.

Are you speaking of any specific penises here?

Mick Foley tells a funny Al Snow story. It involved him flashing Al’s penis in a match in the midst of a suplex. I haven’t read it in awhile, but he described it as looking something like “a little blue egg in a big messy nest.”

You’re obviously unfamiliar with Charlie Scaggs and Joanie Laurer.

Nope, nothing specific.
I’d never watched a WWE show before and I happened upon this one with 10 guys in the ring trying to toss each other out. I noticed, as one will do where bored, the small details. Most of the gents appeared to be under-endowed. Not typical?
Clinical curiosity is all. No sex. Sorry. :wink:

Foley’s “penis suplex” story gives the reason IN the story.

It’s quite simple and you can test it yourself.

Put on a pair of spandex trou.

Wear for about 20 minutes.

Check your junk.

Spandex has that effect.

What a bizarre thread. There is really very little way in which you can accurately judge someone’s penis size when they are wearing tights or spandex, especially since they may have some sort of protective garment on under the tights.

I wrestled in High School (actual free-style wrestling, obviously) and as High School boys are prone to do you tend to “size up” the competition so to speak in the showers (plus, back then a lot of the schools we wrestled at had showers that were just a big square room with a metal pole in the middle that sprayed water out, so pretty much every direction you looked had a naked guy.) And there’s not really any correlation at all between what someone’s “package” might look like in a wrestling singlet and what it looks like in the shower. Spandex is a tight material that is going to push in on your balls and penis, plus in my entirely anecdotal experience I’ve always noticed that when doing something physically exerting the genitalia tend retract towards the body somewhat, and of course with a jock strap or cup on, that is going to present a muddled idea as to what’s under the tights.

Wearing a cup will create a tell-tale bulge/silhouette that is entirely from the shape of the protective cup, not the organs it is protecting.

Also, these guys are also massively built - their dicks are going to seem small in comparison to the rest of their bodies, more so than for people with average builds.

Seems I read somewhere that one of the side effects of steroid use is a diminished size of the “package”, maybe that’s it?


That’s the first thing that passed through my mind. Maybe I’ll have a closer look at Barry Bonds next time I see him pouting on the tube.
Of course it could simply be something about a type that is attracted to grappling with other males.

The testicles can atrophy if long term anabolics are used and the body shuts off your natural testosterone production. They can shrink if they are in this state and perhaps not return to normal. I’ve never seen anyone knowledgeable claim that anabolics make your penis shrink.