Why do you have a bare mattress?

One thing I see a lot in people who post selfies and homemade videos is beds that are just a bare mattress, with either no sheets or just a crumpled up sheet for the person to wrap themselves with. I don’t understand why someone would not just slap a sheet on a bed and leave it there, especially if they’re using the room to film videos or take pictures. Isn’t it uncomfortable to sleep on mattress material, and basically impossible to clean the mattress while sheets just require a wash? You can get cheap sheets for under $5, I understand why people wouldn’t drop a few hundred on fancy sheets but the expense here is less than a value meal.

It just seems like a ‘I’ve given up on life’ sign to me, I was wondering if other people roll their eyes at it too, or if there’s some decent reason for the bare mattress?

You need classier porn.

I guess I have different friends/acquaintances than you. I have never seen this before.

Show us some examples of these videos.

I’ve never seen these. Perhaps they don’t want their Hello Kitty sheets to be in the video, although I’m sure there’s a porn genre for that.

So you’re saying just a mattress? No duvet/comforter, no mattress cover, no blanket? That’s just sad.

If my friends or I saw this, there would be merciless mocking and scorn, because we’re all middle-aged and middle-class and, well, buy a duvet, you bum!

Mattress porn.

It’s not professional porn and it’s not people I know, it’s random stuff I run across on the internet. Sometimes it’s from badly done homemade scantily-clad or nude pics (which I don’t really count as porn but you can call it that if you like) where there’s usually a pile of trash and/or dirty laundry on or near the bed to accessorize it. But it’s also in random generic selfies or ‘here’s something funny’ videos that happen to include a bed, like this gif of someone’s cat on the bed that prompted the question when I saw it today: http://9gag.com/gag/ab0Gowb . If this was the only time I had seen it I would figure the person just happened to film that video while the sheets were temporarily off, but I have seen it many times in the background of many things.

I thought this thread was going to be about the usefulness of box springs.

What kind of sheets do you use that actually stay on the bed? I mean, if you don’t make your bed every morning, it’s pretty much guaranteed that some part of the mattress will be exposed the next day. Two days in a row and the sheet is basically entirely off. And sleeping on the mattress upholstery isn’t as uncomfortable as making the bed when you’re tired as hell after working two shifts.

Personally, I don’t make my bed every day, but I do try and keep the fitted sheet on it. And it takes more effort than I’d imagine a lot of busy people care to do, especially if they can’t even manage to put their dirty clothes in a hamper.

What kind of sheets do you have that *don’t * stay on the bed? I have never had sheets that come off the bed after a day or two, regardless of sleeping or energetic activities or whatever. I buy sheets that are correctly sized for the mattress and the worst that I’ve ever experienced is maybe one corner sliding off at the end of the week.

Yeah, this. Maybe DrCube has a cube-shaped mattress?

You need to check your bed making privilege. Making a bed is incredibly hard and not all of us lived in mansions and had nannies who were paid to teach us how to make a bed.

A subset of furniture porn (Warning: hot chair-on-chair action).

I just use the regular fitted sheets with springy elastic on the corners that you can get everywhere. Years back I used cheap sheets and left them on the bed for weeks without them coming off, now I use nicer sheets and typically change them once a week but still never have them come off. And I don’t make the bed at all normally, and don’t see how that would help with the sheet since making the bed just requires organizing the pillows, then moving the top sheet and comforter up tightly. And pretty much everyone I know does the same thing, it’s not some weird sheet-holding talent that only I possess.

This is why I asked a weird question like this, apparently some people have more sheet issues than I was aware of.

I’ve seen it too, and can’t wrap my brain around it because after you sweat a lot and get the mattress all stinky, there’s no way to clean it really. That’s the purpose of sheets: to keep your body oils and fluids off the mattress.

I don’t ever make my bed*. Yet my fitted sheets stay on there 99% of the time. Oh, occasionally vigorous - uh, activities, will take a corner off, but I have no problem with the sheets. Buy sheets that fit?

And yes, it would no sooner occur to me to sleep on a bare mattress than I would on the bare floor. I also have an allergen-resistant cover between the bed and the sheet.

*I really don’t see the point. Now our bed is upstairs and even more hidden from anyone coming in, and I don’t like any strangers in my bedroom. That being said, I have a bed warming blanket which I love and so now I regularly put a sheet down, then the bed warming blanket, then a light blanket on top. See? Even with the bedwarming blanket I put a sheet down so our skin doesn’t touch it.

I think this may just be one of those things people just didn’t learn at some point. Nobody talked to them about it or anything because it was just a “known fact” that you don’t sleep on bare mattresses. With nobody explaining to them why, they probably saw it as no big deal the day they went without a sheet and just continued on.

For example, it wasn’t until recently that I learned that leather-soled dress shoes will wear down faster than rubber-soled, and it’s normal to resole a nice dress shoe when this happens. I just kept wondering why these shoes kept needing to be replaced so quickly. Well, apparently resoling was just a “known fact” that never got passed down to me.

Not all of us sleep like a corpse. I turn constantly and without using clips to hold the sheet to the mattress, I can guarantee you, in the morning, at least one corner will be exposed.

I don’t sleep like a corpse. My husband and I both toss and turn all night and the only time we’ve ever had a problem with sheets coming off prematurely was when we had a set of sheets that didn’t fit the bed (weren’t deep enough for the mattress).