Why do you suppose the god of the bible wants me to love other people?

In Matthew chapter five, the god of the bible tells people:

Why do you suppose the god of the bible would ask such a thing, particularly when we are always right and good, and our enemies always wrong and evil?

Keep in mind that this seems to be asking us to show compassion even to those who do really hurtful and hateful things.

This is a very serious command for a god to make, with far-reaching implications.

This is not something trivial.
(Parody pitting of this thread by Frank apisa)

Pit him for daring to question a book that was written by men thousands of years ago. That bastard.

I don’t get it.

And the reason you couldn’t just post a non-mocking response to the original thread was…?

It’s that he’s got a few questions in GD that follow this format:

“Look at this passage of the bible. Look at how morally wrong it is, or rooted in the amorality of its time. Just goes to show . . . something. That you need to throw away all of the bible, or accept all of it. There’s my proof.”
FTR I’m an atheist and not particularly apologetic about it, but a game of gotcha like this just rubs me the wrong way. One thread and I’d just ignore it. But there are currently three threads on the subject.

It’s a tired and very narrow argument, and to have three threads at once about basically the same thing just smacks of baiting religious folk, more than it does a genuine search for an answer. “Look at how your god did bad things! What do you have to say about that?” Three times.

It is an unsophisticated argument that is only applicable to unsophisticated Christians, i.e., those who believe that the entire Bible is the divine, inerrant Word of God and that it is internally consistent. It is also a waste of time, as those believers are the least likely to be swayed by appeal to logic or reason.

That said, I don’t quite “get” the gist of your parody either; it appears to support rather than contradict his representation of an erratic God who doesn’t seem to have our best interests at heart.

Maybe I’m feeling a little punchy, but three basically identical threads in GD started on three consecutive days by the same person, with OPs that call out Christians to defend their faith in the face of biblical inconsistencies and/or cruelty just pegs my smug, smartass meter. Add to that the fact that it turns out that the question he really wanted answered is only extremely tangentially connected to the answers to the questions he posed in his OP. Which is, if I read correctly, “is there justification in the bible for selective reading/belief?” Which is a legitimate and interesting question. That also has piss-all to do with “why Jesus never condemned slavery,” or “why I suppose the god of the bible shows disdain for people with physical defects.”

And, perhaps my attempt at parody failed. The idea that god telling people to behave contrary to accepted contemporary morals, or behaving that way himself in specific instances, somehow proves anything about the nature of the accuracy of the bible is just silly. To make that argument based on something that might be more morally noble in the modern world shows how silly that is. Without the “gotcha, your god does bad stuff!” aspect of the argument, there’s no real substance.
. . . at least, that’s my idea.

Which isn’t to say that addressing the inconsistencies of the supposed actions and decrees of a supposed perfect being isn’t worthwhile (or that it hasn’t been done to death, both on these boards, and everywhere else). It’s just that that wasn’t the question the OP was asking.

I hear He’s all for that fruitful and multiplying stuff, perhaps He just wants us to have more options?

Thanks, Eonwe.

Sorry, going with the OP here. This Frank apisa guy is annoying as all getout with his one-trick-pony bible threads.

“Wait, are you breaking up with me?”

“No! I just want us to explore…see other people. I’m always going to care about you.”


Yeah, why would a Frank do such a thing?

Based on the past 2,000 years of history, the reason for this is obvious - build up a false sense of security in your enemies until you get the upper hand and can torture them into conversion.

Frank, as far as I’ve seen, hasn’t accused all Christians of being creationists of flood believers or stuff like that. Some day you guys should issue a Bible with the passages that you actually support. It would make these discussions much easier. But I suspect it might look like the contract at the end of the “There Ain’t no Sanity Clause” scene from Night at the Opera.

I am an atheist (which I mentioned upthread), so I don’t know who you mean by “you guys.” I tend to agree with almost everything that you post, Voyager.

But, I think you’re letting your own passion about religion get the better of you.

My issue is that Frank, in three separate instances in three days, demands that Christians defend their god’s actions in some sort of moral way, and then uses that challenge erroneously to try to make some sort of argument about the accuracy of the bible.

He’s clearly got a hard-on about pointing out to people who do believe that their god can be cruel, gotcha-ya! Well, no shit. What’s your point?

So he can watch.

If you truly believe in the god of your religion, surely your faith can take the knocks of non-believers? If I was entirely convinced I was playing on the right team, I wouldn’t give a shit what any other mob had to say.

God wants the best for us, He has set up creation that you reap what you sow, if you sow hate that’s what you will get, and more then you’ve sown. God doesn’t want hate coming at us, so He wants us to sow Love, and receive it.

Also He wants us to be conformed to the likeness of Jesus, which is also to Love.

Methinks you missed the point of this thread, kanicbird.

Obliged, ivan. :slight_smile: