Why does a Snickers bar make me cough?

At least, I think it does. It definitely produces a tickle in the back of my throat.

Is it the peanuts, the nougat or something else. I don’t think I notice this effect when I eat just a plain chocolate bar. I may notice this with other bars, but this one was fresh in my mind today.

Might be allergic to peanuts or almonds. You allergic to grass or birch?


NOne of the above.

I dunno, but chocolate also often does this to me. It’s fast, faster than any allergies I’ve experienced, and doesn’t feel allergic. I think it is something chemical.

I know it’s delicious but you have to chew, bro.

I have no known allergies to any of the ingredients, but both Snickers and Milky Ways do this to me, too. Weird.


Thx for that. Milky Way does it also.

You’re not preparing them correctly. They have be frozen, then battered, and deep fried.

Sugar filled nougat
dehydrates your throat tissues.
Drink some water, fool.

When I was young, I had an asthmatic response to all chocolate. There was no other allergic symptom, but chocolate could make breathing very difficult, potentially hospitalizingly difficult. I was not allergic to peanuts almonds or nuts in any way.

I’m told that actual chocolate allergies are unusual. I have no idea. One of the medicines used to treat asthma at the time was Theophylin (spelling?). I think that the molecular structures similarity to Theobromine is very curious, particularly given my complete lack of any other obvious allergic response.

Agreed, and I like the haiku!

Both Milky Way and Snickers do the same thing to my daughter.

Years ago, I started a thread about my coughing when eating certain hyper-sweet things, even things containing sugar substitute. I don’t think I got a definitive answer.

I would have thought the peanuts would be the cause, little hard chunks of them going down your throat could trigger a coughing reflex. No idea about Milky Way though.

Wow. I’ve thought about starting this thread for years, but I thought I was the only one.

For me it seems like one bite invariably starts to go down the wrong pipe, and a coughing fit ensues. Snickers is the only food that consistently does this to me. It’s also the only candy bar I like.

Has any of the afflicted Dopers ever tried an experiment - looking carefully at the labels to make sure of all ingredients, take a bite from a plain full milk chocolate, bitter chocolate, nougat, haselnut bar, (cleaning the mouth with water in between, of course), writing down the observed effects? (For further credits, repeat blindfolded the next day to rule out nocebo reactions).

For those who like Whynot react to chocolate: there are some very pure chocolates available in organic/ 3rd world stores, like 70% cocoa from Ecuador, 70% cocoa from Venezuela, etc. Have you tried tasting those? Because if it’s all chocolates, it might be theobromaine or similar, but if it’s only some chocolates, it’s another ingredient.

Anybody know a Doctor (Doper) or nutrionalist or Biochem Doper with lab access? Any grad student looking for a topic for their dissertation thesis?

It reminds me of a study done recently that confirmed that about one third of the population doesn’t like cauliflower and related family- vegetables, because of a (sulfur?) compound there which creates that bitter taste for people with this biochemical/ genetic disposition. So it’s not only pickiness, there is a biochemical reason.

Maybe something similar can be found for chocolate? Swelling of throat tissue or drying does sound like a definite reaction to me.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this with chocolate, but really sugary candy such as candy corn almost always makes me cough. So I assume it’s the sugar?

Maybe it wants to examine your balls?

Me, too. I know exactly what the OP is talking about.