Why does Bugs Bunny wear gloves?

Is it a fashion statement?
Is it simply because they’re easier to draw? (ARE they easier to draw?)
Is it a part of some great conspiracy?
What is it!?

Bugs Bunny is a talking, bipedal rodent. The gloves are just to add a touch of class.

Bugs moonlights as a cavity searcher. His regular job is over in Cafe Society.

He’s copying Mickey Mouse and Mutt and Jeff. Nothing succeeds like success.
Notice that Roger Rabbitt wore them, too.

I’m surprised Darth Vader doesn’t wear white gloves with rolled base and three stripes on the back.

Actually, he’ just blindly following the fashion trend started that other talking bipedal rodent: M-I-C K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. Bugs is a well-known fashion whore.

Actually, Bugs bunny is a giant, bipedal, talking lagomorph.

So as not to touch this filthy world.

What else would he remove so as to slap antagonists across the face with to initiate a duel?

There’s something wrong with the above sentence but I’m unclear on how to fix it.

We recently had a discussion of this question in this thread. No good answers there either, but at least some cartoon history emerged.

To get around the FCC regs concerning nudity.

So as not to leave fingerprints.

Well…have you SEEN his hands? VERY hairy palms…

He doesn’t want to get his hands dirty when he burrows half-way around the world.

Well if he’d just remember to turn RIGHT at Albuquerque…

You mean harey palms.

Bugs wears gloves so he’ll have a place to keep his horseshoes. And for that matter, a place to keep his horse.

Would it be “What else would he remove with which to slap antagonists across the face to initiate a duel” ?

The Pink Panther wears no gloves…or anything else at all, for that matter…and has no trouble with the FCC. :rolleyes:

Yeah…but he was a product of the decadent 60s & 70s. All decency was thrown to the wind then. I reckon Bugs kept the gloves on for his entire career just because he wasn’t comfortable with nudity anyway–force of habit from the old days when rules were respected. Even by scoundrels.

Rules were respected, even by scoundrels?

But Daffy and Taz don’t wear gloves. Nor does my personal hero, Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius.

This is just a WAG/“I thought I had heard it but can provide no cites”, but I thought the reason many of the more popular cartoon characters wore white ‘gloves’ was similar to the reason why they had only four fingers, to make it easier for the animators/artists. That is, if you have gloved hands, you need only white and you don’t have to worry about fingernails, claws, pads, etc that might appear on a character’s hand.