Why does it bother me that the site keeps me logged in after I leave the board?

Ok so the other day, I was showing my husband a thread on this board on his computer. He is not a member here and I had left the SDMB hours before. But when we visited the thread in question, it showed that green dot next to my username, indicating I was still active.

So after a little experimenting, I discovered that if I don’t click the ‘log out’ button (rather than just close my browser like I normally do), the site keeps me logged in. But if I click the ‘log out’ button, then I have to retype my password in on my next visit, which is a pain.

Now if I cared WHY the site kept me logged in, I’d post this in ATMB. I don’t care why, but the fact that that little green light stays on after I’m gone bothers me. For some reason it feels wasteful…like I left home and left all the lights on.

Is anyone else bothered by this? If so, please join my support group!

Switch to Invisible mode in your User CP. Your dot will always be red and mods and admins can see your activity but you’ll always appear offline to the general user.