The green icon bothers me.

I don’t have a specific reason for disliking it, but it’s probably tied in to why I tell newspaper logins that I’m a 98 year old man from Albania making +$100,000 a year; fill out store rewards cards with an address of 6969 Lucky Lane; enthusastically support the idea of; and refuse to patronize businesses that insist on running my drivers license through a reader for cigarettes and alcohol.

Now that this board has instituted overly-intrusive, large, slow (for people on dial-up, like me), resource-using Google ads for people who have not paid up the only way to get rid of them is to sign in. I don’t mind signing in, and I don’t mind that the overly/obsequiously-curious can click on my profile to view my last login date or time. I just don’t like the fact that anyone - paid or unpaid member - can see whether or not I’m currently logged into the board.

It’s a creepy, Big Brother-ish big green dot. and I can’t think of any rational reason for using it.

It’s been there a while now. As in a long while. As in, as far back as I can remember. Anyone can click on your profile whether you’re signed in or not, and link to your LiveJournal - but what really bugs you is the fact that they can tell if you’re on line?


I choose to allow people to see my LJ and email address. When the green dot was first introduced, several years ago and long before you were around, I could choose to enable it. That choice was taken away and, shortly after that, I chose to stop paying up. I chose to resubscribe and now I get to bitch about irritants.

The green dot irritates me; it’s intrusive and overbearing for a messageboard (this isn’t my workplace, after all, where others SHOULD care about my attendance); no one besides my boss and my gramma should care what I do with my time; no other messageboard at which I choose to spend my time utilizes the “always on” aspect; I can’t think of a single positive that can’t be answered with, “Well, if you’re that good of a friend, contact him/her via IM or email.”; and I want it to go away.

I don’t see this anywhere in the profile. All I see is your last activity, which may or may not be the same as your logout time, assuming that you log out.

I never log out, so my last activity time is always now. That doesn’t tell anybody anything except that I never bother to sign out. I suppose that there are certain circumstances in which some people may need to log off, but unless you have to I don’t see why anyone would bother.

I also don’t really see what information is being given away to anybody by the public profile that isn’t something you want public. Maybe I’m missing something on the profile that everybody sees but me, but I’m very careful with my privacy and there’s nothing there I don’t want to live with.

Not true. The board automatically logs you out after some predetermined period of inactivity–I believe it’s set for ten or fifteen minutes. You never see this because any time you load a page, your SDMB cookie logs you back in. The rest of us see you offline if you’ve been inactive long enough.

Of course you do. It does seem a bit odd to bitch about what you knew was going to occur when you resubscribed, though.

Now that you mention it, that bothers me too. And for some reason, I just noticed it just the other day. I’ve never noticed it before.

And since most people in this thread seem to think it’s no big deal, this is a pretty unsatisfying post as well.

But put my vote in that this bugs me too. And for all the reasons that you mentioned. I would normally not log in if it bugged me, but this is not an option unless I want to stare at huge ads, so I’m (metaphorically) forced to sign in and now everyone gets to see that I am. Annoying.

ETA: Wait. . . are we sure that this has been in place for years? Because I think I would have noticed. And I’m noticing it big time now.

As far as I know, it’s been here as long as I have. And for the record, I’m not a fan of it either, simply because I like the option of browsing along while I’m still logged in (IE: having access to searching and the ‘go to first post’ feature), yet appearing invisible to others. This way, if I don’t want to individually talk to someone at that very moment (via PM), then I don’t have to. Overall though, it’s not a big enough of a deal for me to give it much thought. But I do feel your pain. :slight_smile:

Go to User CP/Edit Options and enable “Use Invisible Mode”, then click Save Changes.

The green icon will no longer appear below your name. It will instead be red at all times, whether you’re online or offline.

I do not appear to have this option. Under which heading should it appear?

**Login & Privacy **
Allow vCard Download
**Messaging & Notification **
Receive Email
Default Thread Subscription Mode
Private Messaging

**Thread Display Options **
Visible Post Elements
Thread Display Mode
Number of Posts to Show Per Page
Default Thread Age Cut Off

**Date & Time Options **
Time Zone
Start of the Week

Miscellaneous Options
Message Editor Interface

Hey it could be worse, other VBulletin boards allow members to take a look at what everyone else is doing, what threads they are reading, if they are PMing, or searching the forums etc.

Since you are a Charter Member, you didn’t choose to “stop paying up” for long enough to miss paying when required to keep your Charter status. :stuck_out_tongue:

Folks, if he/she doesn’t like the green dot, he/she doesn’t like the green dot. It’s not a debate, it’s simply a statement. I’ve never understood why people here can’t make a simple statement of dislike without a bunch of people jumping all over it to argue. :confused:

Yeah, that’s what’s happening here, all right.

  1. The dot is to the right of the name, not under it.

  2. The dot is not red when you are not in: it’s kinda silvery blueish.

  3. That option doesn’t exist in the Edit Options screen.

The option should be under “Login and Privacy”. It is there for me, however, it may not be there for regular Members. It may be possible for an Administrator to set access to it via the Control Panel. I don’t know as I don’t run the same version as the SDMB.

I remember this option existing in the past. For us mere mortals, it is no longer there.

I think chique has a legitimate grievance here – and I’m somewhat disappointed at this option’s disappearance as well (although as you should be able to tell, I haven’t considered using it in a while… :)). Could you or xash knock this puppy up towards TPTB? And I’ll “report” your post, if you don’t mind me doing it, as well.

I had thought it once was available too, but it isn’t now, apparently. It shouldn’t have been removed.

No it isn’t! :wink:

Seriously, add me in to the list of those vaguely unsettled and anti-green-dot. For the same reason some have already mentioned: sometimes I want to be on the Dope, but I don’t feel like dealing with IM, PM, personal emails, etc. from people who see on I’m online, but also for the opposite reason: because I stay logged in and have a habit of leaving tabs open for hours without using them, people think I’m logged in when I’m not, and then I feel rude for not replying immediately.

It’s certainly not a deal breaker, though. If I liken this place to me neighborhood bar or coffee shop (which it basically is, for me), I wouldn’t go to one of those places and hope to be “invisible”. Having invisible members doesn’t really foster a sense of community and accountability, and those things seem pretty important to most of the members here, including me.

As **Q.E.D. ** pointed out, this is not the case. After a a short period of inactivity, your green dot turns grey, even if you have a page displayed on your computer.

Now you’ve done it!! I never paid attention to the dot before.