Why does the Baker's Dozen thread lag so badly?

Whenever I hit “Reply All” or “Preview Post” inthis Game Room thread, it takes up to 2-3 minutes for the board to respond. Granted, it’s a thread that’s 250+ pages long, but I’ve never experienced that type of extreme lag time in similarly long threads, at least not on a routine basis.

Is this due to some kind of quirk or limitation in the board’s software, or am I just unlucky?

Huh. Never happened to me. Maybe now I can start getting to lucky 13.

Opens up for me immediately. I’ve clicked on your link several times since your OP.

Huh. I’ve just noticed in the last week or two, when I post from my iphone it takes 2-3 minutes for the board to respond. After it does, when I look at the thread current position (from the view of all the threads), it doesn’t list my post.

ETA: Sorry, Leo. I wasn’t intentionally copying your post opening.

No, the thread initially opens just fine, as well as clicking from page to page. It’s only when I click one of the reply buttons that the hamsters suddenly decide to take a coffee break. :dubious:

It’s consistent enough to make me wonder if there’s something specific about that thread, such as its massive size, that’s contributing to the problem.