Board Moving at Glacier Speed

Anyone else having a problem like this? For several days now, whenever I click on anything – a link, User CP, New Posts, a forum, anything – it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes to open. It started about Wednesday or Thursday. At first, it was five minutes period. Since then, it varies withing the time frame stated. And I mean every time. Including now.

It’s only this website. The Internet is working fine for me otherwise.

Still happening for me, although the lag time is closer to 5 seconds. But it’s for every single click.

I just hope they slow this thing down before somebody gets killed.

I’ve noticed it for a couple/few weeks.

Most lag times for me are averaging about 2-3 minutes today, but a five-minute wait is still not unusual.

Same here.

Well, I’m glad I’m not alone but sorry it’s happening to others.

This is all becoming very disconcerting. The ridiculously slow speed, the Read/Unread time-outs, the Search errors. I hate to say it, but while I’ve been faithful at ponying up money for Member status and User Title, year after year, but I’m going to have to think twice about sending any more money in if these problems can’t be fixed.

It’s not that slow, but much lower than other sites. It’s taking about 10 seconds here sometimes. What I do is that I repeatedly and impatiently click whatever I am trying to access. It’s like beating a horse in order to get it to run faster, but it works.

The past few days have been slow for me, as well. The forums take a few extra seconds to open. Posting a message takes a few extra seconds.

Did one of the hamsters leave for summer vacation? Can we get a loaner from a temp agency?

It varies for me. Sometimes it is more-or-less instant (as it should be), sometimes it is a few seconds, sometimes minutes, and sometimes my browser just times me out. Things definitely are not working right. I have had similar problems with the board in the past, but they are usually occasional and intermittent. For quite a few days now (I didn’t really keep count) the problems have been constant.

Same for me too - but better than no board at all. Seems to have started (at least for me) right after the last time the board went down.

I will report these problems … please be aware that this is a big holiday/travel weekend in the USofA and there may well not be anyone around to until Tuesday at the very earliest.

And of course if the situation changes in any way please keep us advised.

You click on something and it takes a couple/few weeks for the page to load? I think we have our thread winner here!

Yes, I noticed these delays too, lately. It’s especially frustrating when I’ve just composed a post and click on Submit and nothing happens! I’ve gotten into the habit of saving a copy somewhere before I submit, so if it gets lost I don’t have to type it all again.

Yesterday (Saturday) late evening (probably Sunday morning in Chicago), the entire site died. All attempts to get to any page of SDMB got a “Database Error” response, and even the main page at was defunct for a while. I think this lasted about 30 minutes or so.

Yep, I’ve noticed the slow-down for at least a week, possibly two. It’s probably around 45 seconds for me before anything changes after a click. Better than no board at all, but still annoying.

Monday morning now, and the situation seems to have improved dramatically. Only a few seconds between click and the desired result.

Except for Searches. Those are still hanging. But oddly, not New Posts, which is itself a type of Search.

Ah well, all times have slowed back down again. :frowning:

Huh, it’s always been working fine for me, both in my browser and Tapatalk.

Looks like we’re back to five minutes per click. At one point today, it was 10 minutes! Or at least, I lost track of how long it was taking after 10 minutes – 15 was probably more like it.