Why does the porridge bird lay its eggs in the air?

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The answer is: To confuse the animatronic President Nixon into full failure mode.

You’re welcome. :smiley:

From Fireside Theater

Thank YOU very much.

Oh, I’m too late.

My best friend from high school has a neighbor named Nancy Catherwood. He keeps wanting to tell her to roll a couple of bombers and leave them on the side table.

“Oh, man, you broke the President!”

Long ago, before there were celly phones and battery-powered drum dusters, whenever I was in an airport or shopping center, I’d have the information person page “my Vietnamese friend” Ah Clem. These days, you can’t get people paged anywhere.

Oh, you mean Nancy!

…I don’t get it. I assume that this is one of a long line of pranks of tricking someone into saying something that sounds naughty, but I can’t see what’s naughty about “Ah Clem”.

Yeah, it’s no Mike Hunt.

If you have a celly phone with Siri you can tell her “This is worker speaking. Hello.” and she will then refer to you as Ah Clem.

It’s a Firesign Theatre reference. (From I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus.) It’s not gonna make sense if you don’t know Firesign.

Kid, you’re hip like a Zip, let’s take a trip.

“Why does the porridge bird lay its eggs in the air?”

How is a porridge bird going to find a vacuum, let alone live long enough to lay an egg?

Go ahead, give the wheeze a squeeze.

He’s no fun, he fell right over.

I say live it, or live with it.

If you push something hard enough, it will fall over — Fudd’s First Law of Opposition.

“Yes, living in the complex world of the future is a lot like having bees live in your head, but like the lady said, …”

Well, Mr. President, it’s the bees and spiders again! They stole my food stamps, and sold ’em to the rats. And I tried to get down to my car, for to honk the horn for help, but the snakes has gotten it for the cockroaches. I go back upstairs, but the spiders has jammed the police lock! I ain’t been inside for a week, and I know that my wife is sleepin’ with the bees!

Could you state that as a question, please?

Well sure, Mr. President! Where can I get a job?!

Many busy executives ask me: What about the job displacement market in the city of the future? Well, count on us—”Jim!”—to be there! Because if we’re successful tomorrow—we won’t have to answer questions like yours, ever again.

Wait a minute, didn’t I say that on the other side of the record? Let me check…

That reminds me. How did that slimy weasel Rococo get into this, and, how do I make my voice do this?