Why Does the SDMB Hate Me?

(Man, I’m feeling sorry for myself.)

Most of the time when I try to navigate these pages, it takes forever for pages to load, often ending in the dreaded “This page cannot be displayed” one, which is a poor substitute for the lively, entertaining exchanges of my fellow Dopers. Though I love this site, I feel like a pariah. whimper I’ve tried refreshing (no go) and deleting my cookies (minimal improvement). What else can I do to please the Straight Dope gods? Why do they look down on me with malice despite my devotion? (Read: addiction).

In actuality, I suspect my problem is the result of the Millions all Teeming to the same pages at the same time and jamming up the works but, just in case I’m wrong, does anyone have any ideas?


[Snivel mode off]

get dsl.

Sorry, Harmonix. I have DSL and it doesn’t seem to help at all. Maybe you get better results than I do. Still, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be back to 56k, again.


I’m on a T-100 line at work and it still does the stall and page cannot be displayed to me.

The gods are capricious.:slight_smile:

Oddly enough, on the SDMB it wouldn’t make a huge amount of difference. When all you’re doing is transferring text you’re not likely to see much difference in how fast pages load. Some, yes, but not much. Most of the delays we all see are the result of the web server and database server having trouble keeping up with the current load.

The board’s performance varies wildly, sometimes within short periods of time, but my understanding is that it’s mostly just a function of how many people are simultaneously accessing the board. The hardware is often pushed to its limit and every time they add new hardware more people move in to fill the “gap.” It makes sense - if the board is annoyingly slow, fewer people use it at once. If it speeds up, more people use it until it slows down again.

I seriously doubt you are on anything called a “T-100 line”

The SDMB server is slow and the load is huge, due to the popularity of the Board. The good people at the Chicago Reader do not have any particular motivation to upgrade the hardware, as the Board does not really provide any revenue.

sigh Indeed they are. :slight_smile:

This is the only site that does this to me, so I don’t think dsl is the answer. I think it’s just the high volume of hits this site recieves.

Cecil has just too many followers.

sigh Indeed they are. :slight_smile: I’m glad to know I have company in the Great Purgatory of Lag.

This is the only site that does this to me, so I don’t think dsl is the answer. I think it’s just the high volume of hits this site recieves.

Cecil has just too many followers.

The SDMB server was connecting at lightning speed yesterday at 4:59 CST. :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m on a T-3 at work, and I would kill for a T-100 line. :smiley:

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You can pony up for a new server and pay for all the bandwidth charges. That’d help.

I’m in Orlando for a month in an apartment with no broadband connection. So I stooped to the lowest of lows and installed AOL so I could dialup for free while I’m here. Just so you all know, the SDMB loads at the same slow (or fast depending on the time of day) rate on a 56K AOL connection as it does on a RoadRunner Cable connection.

If you really need a Straight Dope “fix”, do what I do…

Have another browser open on the SD Home Page, and when the board is taking forever to load go to the other window and do a Search on the archives … something interesting always turns up, and by the time you’ve read it the SDMB page has loaded. :slight_smile:

(Presumably the main site is on a different server?).



What a way to de-lurk…

Welcome into the light Pillars!!

:slight_smile: Grim

Actually, the problem is a particular button at the bottom of every page. If people would quit hitting that button, things would be much better, but nobody seems to realize this and they keep hitting the button anyway.

The button in question says “Submit Reply”. :wink:

Covering my naked body in butter seem to speed things up.

I can add nothing to this conversation, but that last post froze me in my tracks. :smiley: