Why does "What Exit" show up in my "R" box but I can't find him in my threads?

By “R” box, I mean the box in the upper right (presumably standing for “Roger_That”, meaning “threads I’ve started”) but I don’t see what he’s written in those threads. Does this have something to do with his being a Mod? There’s a lot of stuff about how the Straight Dope works that I don’t understand.

Because when a moderator modifies a title or adds a tag(then latter being most likely) a notice will pop up in your box.

Exactly, when I tag the Café and Game Threads it shows for the Op. Seems a little weird but minor.

I see one thread I tagged as food-drink-cooking and another as music

Clicking the tag will pull up all the threads tagged the same. Hundreds of Food threads and Music threads in fact.

Here is the information on Tags: