"Why doesn't that ever happen to me??" Well, it happened.

A group of eight (yes, that’s EIGHT) women came on to me yesterday. And not in any subtle way, either. I was sitting in a park with some friends after a show, and this woman came up to us and introduced herself. She was like, “i’m with this group of women over there, and (turning to me) they’re curious about you. Are you single? Straight? Well, i’m neither, which is why i have no problem doing this, but they are.”

So she led me over to her friends, they handed me a beer, and we started talking. Alas, my skills at making conversation with total strangers rank right up there with my skills at pissing in rainbow colors over the Great Wall of China. That, combined that the only ones that were really outgoing enough to keep the conversation going were the first woman and her partner, means that things really didn’t go much of anywhere.

Okay… things weren’t that bad. It wasn’t like they were all like, “eww! Get out of here, putz, and send your friend over while you’re at it.” We had a brief conversation, friendly enough, and then i went back to my friends. Shortly afterwards, they all left, holding hands.

(okay, to be honest, i didn’t really find any of them particularly attractive. But still… eight women came on to me! :D)

How could these women not notice you is more the question in my head. You’re an amazing, beautiful, wonderful human being and it shows.

Now stop developing hopeless crushes on faraway women!

Hi zyzz. :slight_smile:

Well hell, that’s nothing! I remember the time eighteen women came on to me. I was at this party, and I’d had a few drinks and was telling some rather ribald jokes, when - oh, wait, actually that was the time I came on to eighteen women. Never mind.
Oh yeah, and I’m with Rasa: it doesn’t really surprise me much either, zyzz.

zyzz, don’t look now, but I think woodstock is flirting with you! :wink:

Rasa, I’m just flirting with him in the hopes he’ll throw some of his leftovers my way.

Did they have big hooters?

<Mickey Mouse voice>
Hey, I killed seven with one blow!
</Mickey Mouse voice>

Zyzz, you dont give yourself enoiugh credit, mah man. I’m not surprised either. You are a handsome guy…and I find you interesting :D.

Do you like me?

yes no

Remember folks, lesson #1 of ‘Flirting for Shy Folks’ is to not include the no checkbox.

Things work out much better that way.



that would be impressive!

In 33 and a half years, no one’s ever come on to me. I must be a real uggo.


Doob, you forgot the maybe checkbox… you never know, he might switch teams someday! :wink:

Hey, if they averaged out to be at least a 1.25 each, you could have said you had sex with a 10!