Why doesn't the dip tube in the windex reach to the bottom of the bottle?

Why doesn’t the dip tube in the windex reach to the bottom of the bottle? Once again tonight I was cleaning up around the house and even though I had almost an inch left of Windex, the spray bottle quit working cuz the tube’s too short.

What’s up with this?

Well, where do you want to start? I suppose they could extend the tube a bit to get the last inch or so of product, but it may need a screen to prevent it from lodging itself in a corner and sealing it off, preventing the product from dispensing. This adds cost. I doubt it’s really a conspiracy to get you to Buy More Windex, since all you have to do is unscrew the sprayer and pour the product onto your rag or whatever.

Do what I do, and make your own. Ammonia and Water is just as effective, albeit without the spiffy Blue Coloring. But at about 1/50th the cost, I can deal.

You didn’t hear it from me but the Illuminati want you to buy a replacement bottle before you have to. Buy the bulk refilll bottle and thwart their evil plan. The resistance lives!

One legitimte reason is so that the bottom of the tube doesn’t suction itself to the bottom of the bottle. This can be solved by cutting the tube at an angle.

I could see up to 1/4" of space, but 1" sounds a bit ridiculous. Nevertheless, if you had some sort of suitable tubing handy, you could make an extension for the pick-up tube. You’d want a size that slipped over the existing tube. It would have to fit fairly snugly to stay in place and not suck air, and should be trimmed at an angle as Padeye mentioned.

The man who started French’s Mustard (that may very well be Mr. French), stated that he made his profit on the mustard that was left in the jar.

Or you could just cut a small notch in the side to really make sure that it didn’t suck itself to the side but I guess that is just too much to ask. Maybe we will see it during the next “New and Improved” rollout.:rolleyes:

Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I got the bottle back out and measured it. Actually more than an inch, looks like 1 1/4 inch from the bottom.

And why the heck should consumers have to go to all the trouble to fabricate an extension tube anyway? My question was WHY the manufacturers make the tub too short in the first place!

Well, I actually called Windex customer service. Cathy from Windex said that the tube should go all the way to the bottom.

She was very nice, apologized, and is now sending me a free bottle of Windex.

Hmmm…damage control. :smiley:

Here is the Windex site, by the way. Unfortunately, this question doesn’t appear in the FAQ.

Wait a minute!

Morgainelf, why are you benefitting from gingersnap’s misfortune?

Unless you had the same problem I think you owe gingersnap some Windex! :wink:
Hmmmm… Maybe Morgainelf is gingersnap.

JPeg, you’ve got a point.

gingersnap, if you want to e-mail me, I’d be happy to send you the free bottle of Windex.

Or, you could call the number I did (from the website). I’m sure they’ll be happy to send a bottle to you as well. Why shouldn’t we all have free Windex?

I can’t believe they’re sending me free Windex. I had a really hard time not laughing out loud while talking with the customer service agent.

I’ve heard that Windex can be diluted quite a bit and still work just fine; so add enough water to cover the end of the tube, shake to mix, and spray away! Of course, doing it that way, you can never get the absolute last molecule of Windex out, but what the heck…

Rocketeer, you bring to mind a good solution:

Got a couple ounces of mercury handy? I thought so. Just fill the bottom of the Windex bottle to, oh, about 1 inch deep of mercury. All the Windex should float on the top, and there ya’ go.

And don’t worry if you accidentally squirt out some mercury. Just soak it up with a nice piece of French bread and enjoy!

Lemme know how it works out.

Vinegar & water works just fine. Ammonia & water is nasty on the nose.

So they said it should go to the bottom? Thats funny.

I checked my bottle of Windex, and the tube goes within about 3mm of the bottom – very close indeed.

I’m pleased to announce that the spray-pump mechanism on a bottle of Tinactin has a flexible tube longer than the bottle itself, which means it bends into a corner in order to fully use its palliative contents.

However, if Tinactin actually cured jock itch as advertised, I wouldn’t have to know that fact.

Kindly add me to the list of dopers that need to get a life.

My Windex™ tube actually touches the bottom. I’m still calling to complain about YOURS, so’s I can get a freebie! :slight_smile:

In Jamaica, the bartenders use white rum to clean the mirrors behind the bars.

Oh, did I show you my slides from Jamaica yet?

I just pour the remains of the last bottle into the next bottle. The bottle is rarely filled to the brim, there’s usually enough room to fit all that’s left in to the new bottle.

I have a spray bottle of (generic brand) cleaner, and it’s tube goes all the way to the bottom. This morning I tried to use it and found that it had gotten itself jammed into the corner of the bottle and wouldn’t work until I unscrewed the top and unjammed it. Guess it would have been better if it was a little bit shorter.

I knew a bartender once who, whenever he saw me cleaning my glasses, would moisten a napkin with speed-rack vodka for me to use.

Works like a charm.

I don’t reccomend it for housework though, you might never get past the windows…