Why Doesn't this work with WebTV

I noticed I can’t get into the new board from WebTV. Is this permenant. What would WebTV have to do to be able to get into this board. (Not like they’d do it though) :frowning:

At the bottom of the screen, it says “Powered by: vBulletin Version 1.1.0”. Supposedly when the decide to install version 1.1.1 or higher it’ll work with Web TV.

Jon is correct. We’ll get to it soonest.

your humble TubaDiva

Thanks – just had an e-mail from Carl Berry about this. He uses WEB TV and is having serious withdrawal pains.

Can you post an announcement here when the upgrade occurs?

Absolutely. And sorry for all your inconvenience.

We have not yet gone to the latest vB upgrade, IT has some bugs to be worked out. When we feel a little more secure about the offering, we’ll go for all the fixes we can get.

In the meantime, please be patient, sit tight. We really want this to work best for everybody.

your humble TubaDiva

Well, I’m glad I saw this; I was just about to post Carl Berry’s e-mail too.

Looks like I got a real computer just on time. I tossed my WebTV days before the upgrade. Whew

I don’t know if I could handle the withdrawal symptoms. :slight_smile:

Just what is it about WebTv that won’t accept a post. It seems to record my cookies etc all OK?

Or is it the browser is so outdated on WTV?

Not sure why, but as we move into updates (we expect a new one from vB any day now and will probably move to it), this situation will resolve.

Please tender our apologies to all our WebTv users that can’t get in; we feel awful about it.

your humble TubaDiva