Insanity is about to reign...

Before I do a Jimi Hendrix pyro-trip on my webtv keyboard, I thought I’d better ask this:
I can’t cut and paste. I don’t know if it’s just doltish behavior on my part, or the vB code isn’t compatible with my webtv. At this point I don’t care. I can live with it either way. I’m just tired of trying. Help me Rhonda…(or Tuba, for that matter)!

Insanity is about to reign…
Yes, it is true. I shall ascend to the throne of the Universe any time now. Carry on, carry on.

You can’t cut and paste anything? I don’t know anything about Web TV, so it could be true.

Can you at least save the HTML page, and then cut and paste?

Can you cut an paste from other sites?

What OS are you using - or does that apply with WebTV? :confused:

The interaction of WebTV and vB has all kinds of issues. Hell, when we were running 1.1.1, WebTV users couldn’t even read the boards. Sorry 'bout that, but unless we upgrade to a newer release of vB, which ain’t likely, there’s not much we can do fer ya.

Dunno anything about Webtv, but a while ago I was having trouble copy and pasting, too, and I finally figured out that it was the keyboard going flooey. I spent 15 bucks on a new keyboard and have been happily copy and pasting ever since. It isn’t always a software problem.

Speaking of upgrading, UncleBeer - has the SDMB considered at all vBulletin 2.0, now that it is “officially” out? I am thinking about upgrading the UnaBoard to it, but am naturally hesitant. It does have a few neat new features, but I’m not sure how much I would use them.

You’re probably right UncleBeer. I’m most likely screwed. Thanks for the info, anyway. My steam valve is dropping out of the red range.

Unofficially Anthracite, I don’t believe we have any plans to upgrade the software. That decision would be made officially at a higher level than myself. Right now, the majority of us are of the opinion, that any drastic changes may upset the already precarious balance. That, and any new features would likely have to be disabled anyway due to our overtaxed server. So, we see, correctly or incorrectly, no real additional benefits for the TM’s and a potentially disastrous cost. We’d be willing to be convinced otherwise tho’.

Our techs, however, do occasionally tweak a few things, in an effort to improve what we’ve got now. (Exactly what they’re doing is well beyond the understanding of this lowly engineer.) What they find is, searches seem to gum up the works worst. And, of course, the wider the search, the more gummy things get. As the searches clear the resource request queue, the server appears to stabilize and performance improves. (Not terribly surprising, I know, but that’s where we’re at.) So, the less often you search, and the narrower that search is, the better performance we should see.

As always, suggestions for improvements are welcome. And, again, this is all unofficial. Others may more and better information than I.