Why don't nutritious human food pellets exist

If they can make a single all-inclusive food for dogs then why can’t they do the same for humans?

It would make life much easier.

Thinking of marketing “Bachelor Chow” (as seen on Futurama)?

The closest is Nutraloaf, served to prisoners as punishment.

Because we don’t need to? Most of us can afford to choose what we want to eat. Would you really choose to eat some homogenized food pellet for every meal when there are a wide variety of choices available?

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You’ve never heard of Pizza Bites?

I use this: http://www.nestlehealthscience.us/products/Pages/NUTREN®-2-0.aspx

This guy is making his own: This Man Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again


Uni students know all about all-inclusive nutritious human food substitutes. It’s called “instant noodles”.

I most definitely would. Imagine the time that would be saved!

If you’ve ever tasted doggy kibble, you’d know the reason. There’s a reason why most dogs will prefer to eat anything over that stuff.

And have you tried just eating the same thing over and over without getting sick of it? The people who can stand anything close to that sort of thing seem to have very particular tastes, and I doubt this kibble would adequately approximate it.

I know this board has more than a few people who say they would do it, though, but I have a feeling that’s because they lack the imagination and/or the experience to know what it would be like. They aren’t the type who give food very much thought–as they just eat for sustenance–so it doesn’t dawn on them how much eating the same thing all the time would suck. We’ve evolved as omnivores, and thus naturally seek out variety in our diets.

I mean, there are articles about the very few who seem to find one food and stick with it forever, and they are always thought of as freaks. Take the Coke lady or the Ramen Noodle kid, to name two recent examples.

Time saved for what?

Everything else?

Because we already eat too much? What would be the point of such a product, so that we can eat less snacks? People want things that allow them to eat MORE, not LESS. Something that caps your calorie absorption will sell much, much, much better.

I’d give you two weeks (probably less) before you’re so tired of it you’d never want to eat it again.

Everything else sounds like a waste of time, too.

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How about pemmican? It has meat, fat, nuts, berries, and carbs. It is nutritionally dense, so you don’t need much.

Primate Chow.

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Just spread some lard on hardtack and have a protein shake and a daily vitamin.
All of that stuff can be bought in bulk and last a really long time. It should eliminate almost all of the time associated with cooking, shopping, etc.