Why evilbeth is a total ho

Well, she’s not, but I just had to give her her own thread…

I like her, perhaps too much… I think it’s that eraser she told me about…


So, hon, just what is it about you? You got me going in another thread about English of all things… you are a total verbal ho, yes, you are… anyone else know her for the ho she is?

Let’s share evilbeth stories! Or rumors… you can make stuff up… extra points for outrageous stuff that is sightly believable!

I hear she was born on Halloween and she loves orange!

Well she did give you shit in The Pit for saying wreak instead of wreck…or am I wrong in the spelling?


< techchick hands Byz and beth boxing gloves and says "go for it >


I thought her favorite colors were purple and green! We’re trying to have babies on the same day, wouldn’t that be the greatest?

I love evilbeth to pieces, but honey really you need to stop writing me all the time and asking about Cubby Bear’s butt, it’s getting embarrassing! And as his was the one butt I didn’t touch at DubDope, I really can’t help you. Now Coldy’s butt…

And you are going to Dopetoberfest, I don’t care if you have to sell your husband to raise the funds. Priorities my dear!

I’m distraught. Tater no longer wants me for her bitch. how about you beth? do you want a personal bitch? Anyone? my services are for offer!!



I would be really embarrassed but it’s too funny!


Nothing like instant karma kicking my own ass…

And thank you so much for pointing it out, tech… (puts her name on the bitch list…)


Hmmm…Twisty is offering to be my bitch…Byz has started a thread about me…I have a postcard from tater and the DubDope folks on it way to me…and it’s not even my birthday yet…Something tells me I should watch out for falling meteors or something…

eh, I was a bitch long before I made your list Byz :wink:

evilbeth stores expired condoms in her bedside table.

< hows that for rumors and being a ho? >

Damn I am gonna get all kinds of shit for this! I need some inflammable clothes and a ticket out of town, anyone care to donate?

Oh, evilbethie you don’t want Cubby for a bitch, he’s an inferior one at best. He had the nerve to go out on a date last night without letting me put her through the skank-o-meter! Now, Yoji has a couple of roomies that make most excellent bitches. I say the two of us head over to Dublin and pick them up…after all us Tennessee Gals need to stick together.

Yeah, well, Tech, now you’re a bitch with back up!


I just can’t get over how funny this has been! If you don’t think I’m laughing at myself; you don’t know me! Oh, my! I’m such a DORK sometimes! Come on! EVERYONE point and laugh! Go ahead! I’m funny! Point at my privates and just laugh your butt off…


Can I just do other things to your privates?

Hmmm…Dublin roomie cyber-bitches! Sounds good!
You guys kill me!
I’ll get to the flaming tomrrow (techie!)–it’s time for me to leave work and go home and sleep!

I have been snorting from laughter over this whole episode.

I pray for the poor souls that wake up to this and end up scratching their heads saying “What the…?”

Ya gotta love it!

< techchick offers Byz and beth a beer, but takes those expired condoms from beth’s drawer and places a dildo in there instead >

< snort >

Snort! Giggle!

Oh my! Yeah, folks in the morning will be trying to put this all togther… here let me point out my foibles; darn anyone to accuse me of not being able to point the funny finger at myself:

It started out quite innocently, I just wanted to help someone with his English problems here:


But then I went into the Pit and posted here:


And displayed a major faux pas…

And then I started this thread without realizing the drama of the other threads. So there you have it. Byz, the Pit bitch and the grammar, English bitch, got slammed. Oh, no, go ahead, laugh. Point the finger and just giggle your butt off, I know I did!

You can direct all mail to me at the following address…


GuanoLad innocently wanders into the thread

He stops short

He looks around

There is a long pregnant pause as realisation hits

Sloooooowly he backs towards the door

and gets the hell outta there!

Memememememememe! How much you charge, Twisty dear?? :wink:

If I may answer the topic question…

It’s because she had the temerity to have erotic dreams that weren’t about me.

I mean really, dear, how did you expect your reputation to survive such an indiscretion?

Why she is a total ho? Well, charging me for that blowjob at the Knoxville meeting might have something to do with that…

[sub]Was that my out-loud voice…?[/sub]

Yer pal,

Six months, one week, three days, 15 hours, 23 minutes and 7 seconds.
7745 cigarettes not smoked, saving $968.20.
Extra life with Drain Bead: 3 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 25 minutes.

I slept with a moderator!*

Sheesh, at least you got a blowjob, she just told me I couldn’t afford her!

Um, Falcon, as Cubby’s former bitch-master all inquiries about payment terms, ect. have to go through me. I’m thinking about auctioning him off…e-mail me, we’ll work something out. I need the money to go to Dublin to pick up me & evilbeth’s new bitches.

tatertot - I’ll have my people call your people. We’ll work something out. :smiley: