evilbeth - I never could resist a woman in a toga!

So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s A.D. 99!

3000 posts. Woo hoo! Now there’s a milestone!

< kiss > Love ya, babe!

I’m cranking up the Corey Hart and partying like it’s 1985!

Big smoochies to my girl in Tennessee! Thank you for all you’ve done for me…thanks to you, my life is like a Muppet Movie!

And remember:

Never surrender, Beth, never surrender!


I guess I should actually post here to officially make it 3,000 posts!

First, I’d like to thank…just kidding!

All of you who are rolling your eyes at a post count party, I’ll have you know that I only ever had one other one and that was for 1,000. So there. And if post count threads bug you why are you reading this far anyway? Go away!

Euty, thank you for doing this for me–we all know how much you hate these things! :wink: But, as one of my best friends in the world, you have to put up with all sorts of stuff–this is just one tiny aspect! Consider yourself lucky!

And now, I fully expect that no one else will post to this and that’s fine. But I know you’re reading it!

And of course, the evil, scheming tater snuck in while I wasn’t looking!

Darn you! :wink:

Nothing says “Happy 3000” like Corey Hart…

“Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Did I miss it? Am I late…”

You evil!

And that’s why I wuvs ya! :smiley:

Congratulations, evilbeth. 3,000; wow. At what post count does a Doper officially have no life?

I’ll don my toga and feed you peeled grapes, as long as you’ll be there for me when I hit 1,000.

So the peeled grapes job is gone huh?
(Damn! Damn! To be that close to those lips…)

Perhaps I can be the Palm frond guy circulating the air so that you’ll not have to breath the same tepid vapours as the minions who come to prostate themselves before you and beg to be allowed bask in your glow?

Although I think I could also make a good supplicant too ,after all I have much to thank you for , you rescued me from the depths of a drunken thread and pointed me twoards salvation Tennessee style :wink:

hey! is that Caligula in the corner snickering that his parties were better ?

'scuse me while I try to find that rescue team.

Congratulations, Beth sweetie!

And in your honor, I will even peel the grapes for Fiver to feed you!

Sokay evilbeth, I’ve never had a post party but I think 3000 is such a huge achievement we can make exceptions.


Congrats on the big 3K kiddo - managing to make that many while still maintaining quality of posts reflects amazingly well on you. You’re someone whose opinion is always worth a glance (I do often up the View count cos I’ve seen you’ve posted).

Looking forward to many, many more.
Euty always throws cool parties cos some of the nicest women attend them.

Congrats hon!!! And here’s to 3000 more…

(And dammit, sometime when I visit the parents, I am gonna meet you…)

Fiver–You got a deal. In 48 more posts, I’ll feed you some grapes! (But not peeled–that’s only for those of us with really high post counts! ;))

Damhna–Dammit! Where is that rescue team? These books are really getting heavy! I just want to say that I feel quite proud to have watched you blossom from drunken knight in shining armour to a bonafide hillbilly love muffin! ::sniff:: What a beautiful thing! :wink:

Scotti–You’d peel grapes for me? I feel so honored! No one ever offered to peel grapes for me before! (Fiver just offered to feed them to me!)

dpr–You really think I have maintained some sort of quality in my posts? I didn’t think I had any quality to start with! But thanks anyway–I think you’re pretty cool too!

Falcon–I know you’re just avoiding me. It’s okay, I understand. ::sniff:: I’m just not worthy…

Just wanted Bethie to know that I wore my sunglasses last night in honor of her big day. :smiley:

Splort! Bethie, whatever did you do to him?


::goes to the kitchen and fixes grits with sugar and a little butter:: :slight_smile:


See? MsRobyn rules! She eats her grits the right way! I was so pleased to see this during our brunch! So few people actually know the glory and beauty of consuming such a fine delicacy of grits the proper way…

And tater, I almost feel bad for what I have done to the poor boy but someday, he’ll thank me! Or kill me!

Well, geez, thanks a lot guys, now I’m hungry.

What the heck kind of post party is this anyway? It ain’t a party without biscuits and gravy!

Bethie, ya still gonna make me dinner when I hit East Tennessee?

Hehehe, tater and evilbeth in the same town at the same time…this is gonna be FUN!!

Of course! Heart-attack-on-a-plate!

Fun? It should be illegal!

*Originally posted by evilbeth *
**See? MsRobyn rules! She eats her grits the right way! I was so pleased to see this during our brunch! So few people actually know the glory and beauty of consuming such a fine delicacy of grits the proper way…


Folks, we have a new sig!


See? I’ve got people quoting me in their sigs now! Soon, my takeover of the SDMB will be complete! Bwaahaahaahaahaa!

I can’t wait, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they just don’t use enough gravy here. Stupid non-gravy eating EuroTrash.

I think it already is, but I think we outrun the law…you know, them Tennessee cops like gravy a whole lot, too. :wink:

They’re not too shy around barnyard animals either–if Poofy has a sister…