Why has Apple TV / Netflix suddenly playing next episodes automatically?

We have Netflix on Apple TV, and the Cub uses it extensively to keep up to date with his favourite cartoons. (Spiderman and his Amazing Super-Friends from 1981 is a particular favourite; go figure. I remember watching it at university. He seems content with 1980s production values.)

One modicum of parental control is that when one episode ends, Apple TV goes back to the menu screen for that particular cartoon series, and we can decide if he can watch “just one more, pleeeese, Daddy”, or if it’s bed time, or other calls on a young Cub’s time.

That is, until recently. A couple of days ago, Apple TV switched so that when an episode ends, it will automatically go to the next episode in that series, unless I notice the brief hiatus and shut it off. Which of course makes me Bad Daddy for shutting it off without the normal discussion of whether there is time to watch another episode, but if we have the normal discussion, by the time we’re done, the next episode has already started, and I’m even Badder Daddy if I turn off the TV while his show is on …

I’ve hunted all over through the Apple TV settings, but can’t find a way to turn it back to “must choose to start a new episode”.

Doe anyone have any idea how to turn off the “auto-play” function?

Found via Google:

Marvellous! We had a power outage a few days ago and had to log back into Netflix to re-activate the account - must have accidentally mucked up the settings. Thanks!

No, it looks like Apple TV only recently (as in, a few days ago) enabled this ability. So it has probably been set in your Netflix account forever, but Apple TV only just started actually doing it. Regardless, glad it’s fixed. :slight_smile:

There - I’ve updated it. Will see if it takes when this episode of Pocoyo and Stephen Fry is over.