Why has my Bubble Spinner game disappeared? Help!

I am currently in the middle of an addiction to a completely mindless game, Bubble Spinner 2, but after playing for a couple of weeks, it just comes up as a white space on my computer now where the game used to be. It’s doing the same thing on both my iMac desktop and my mac laptop. Any ideas? I need to spin my bubbles, man!

I have no idea why you’re not seeing the game – I’m seeing it just fine.

And might I add, I had no idea there was a sequel. You just flushed months and months and months of hard Bubble Spinner rehab down the toilet. I hope you’re happy…

It was working fine for me for weeks, then just disappeared. I tried it on the Windows side on my mac laptop, and it’s working fine there now. I’m tempted to keep playing it on the Windows side and see if it disappears from there, too in a couple of weeks. Weird, man.

Happy bubble spinning! :smiley:

There’s a video ad that comes up before the game loads. Perhaps your version of Flash is out of date and so cannot display the ad.


I went to look for Flash updates, and it is all very confusing. Would you happen to know which Flash update I should be looking for?

I can’t get it to load on my Mac either. Macs and Flash don’t get along too well.