Why haven't any aliens got Facebook accounts?

So you’re actually a conevorousplant?

Oh no, France.
We come from France.

Dammit, they’re on to us, Kal-El!

This cracked me up more than it should have!

There are so many of them on Facebook I am surprised you haven’t run into them many times already. There is even a computer company that specializes in hardware for them.


I don’t know why they haven’t - they’ve been invited http://www.davidbrin.com/seti.html

"To Any Alien Lurkers Prowling or Waiting Out There

If you are reading this, perusing the electronic communications network of our lonely little planet, please pick whichever of the following applies to you, and ignore the rest:"

Many of them are on Facebook and Twitter, and they don’t even need computers.

I’m a legal alien for almost 200 countries and I have Facebook.

They use Thoraxbook.

“Commander, the first set of the 12-dimensional folded proton computers have arrived on the third planet of Star GHXJA14A and are ready for faster-than-light quantum communication. We have performed an initial survey of the life on the planet that generated the radio signal we received six jorgons ago. It appears they are not yet a threat to us, as they have not even developed focused gravity beams. <laughter> But of course there’s no telling when they may make a technological leap, so the safest course is to begin extermination. We await your orders, sir.”

“Great! First things first, get us set up on Tinder.”

They’re still waiting for the Verizon truck to show up.

Trump built a firewall. You haven’t heard about it 'cause he made the aliens pay.

Who (or should I say What) do you think runs Alienware??

Post #24

Post #24, ruler of Alienware has been deposed. Reports from Headquarters are that the Emporer’s Favored Nephew has been installed in the Office, Long Live Post #24

I think I saw some on PornHub. There’s a lot of anal probing going on there.

Oops! :o The aliens gave me a brain fart. That’s the only possible way I could have missed that.

They tried but that damn AOL free trial disc kept crashing out their advanced technology.

(Well, lets be honest – it was the biggest memory-hog the Universe has ever seen)

Have you not studied RFC 4838 - Delay-Tolerant Networking Architecture and RFC 5325 - Licklider Transmission Protocol (a protocol for long-distance high-RTT Internet communication)?

See also: Wikipedia discussion of Interplanetary Internet.

Cerf’s Up!

More likethis,I think.