Why haven't any aliens got Facebook accounts?

Why haven’t aliens connected to the internet?

Do you have any idea how much an internet connection costs per light year?

Who says they’re not?

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This isn’t a joke, its serious. Why haven’t they connected to the internet if they do exist?

They have. It’s just they’re using a direct mind-to-mind connection.
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I’m sure there are plenty of illegal aliens on Facebook. :wink:

Maybe they don’t have faces. Duh.

Your OP proves that they have.

Do you mean “if they exist, and walk amongst us”? If this were true, they they probably also share and tweet amongst us too.

Or do you mean “Across the void of space, from their planet”? This would be pretty damn near impossible due to latency of signal - ping times in the International Space Station are probably bad enough to make for a generally subpar internet experience - ping times measured in years or centuries just aren’t going to work.

There’s no way for aliens to connect to the internet, unless we explicitly provide a way that is adapted to deal with the latency.

They’re all still on MySpace.

I’m sure aliens exist, but in order to connect to our internet, they’d have to be here, and there’s no evidence that aliens are here to connect to our internet. I guess with sufficiently advanced technology they could connect to our internet from their planet, but given the speed of light we won’t see any aliens on Facebook for decades and their updates wouldn’t exactly be current. While watching our internet would be fun that way, interacting with us wouldn’t be nearly as fun. So if aliens actually did connect to our internet I suspect they’d just be lurking.

What, Trump doesn’t count?


The GQ answer.

They do, they just take human personas. They would never admit to being an alien on a human site.

Imagine the lag. “Call of Duty” would be freaking impossible.

The intergalactic release, although $4.99 more, would take that into account.

They’re not on Facebook, but many have accounts on Alienbook.

Yes. This book shows what they’re waiting for:

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