why I am a homophobe...

I didn’t make the midget toss team when I was in high school! I was a good tosser. Set a record for the midget toss in the AAU national championships in eighth grade! My team was state champs in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Yet when the high school tryouts were held I didn’t make it. The JUDGES son and the DOCTORS son made it though! I was cheated because of politics.
I never had my own midget. I always had to use one of the schools. It’s real hard to win a meet with a school midget. Finally when I was in 7th grade, my parents borrowed some money, and bought my first used midget. He wasn’t as good as some rich kids midget but he was fine! He was really an aerodynamic midget and I won many tournaments with him! The day of the high school tryouts some of the rich kids hid my midget! They hung him by the back of his jock in a locker and I couldn’t find him. After they returned him he was never the same!
We start tossin’ midget here in the fourth grade. It is a symbol of pride here in sultanic arabia. I’m sure you can see where this terrible tragedy, in my life, has made me homophobic.
Thank you so much for listening and understanding. (crying and slobbering)

sultan kareem ufweit
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“eat pork yankee dog”

Um, yeah.

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