Why I left work an hour and a half after I got there

Typical Monday morning, go through the e-mails, print out the ones I have to deal with, open up our software to get started on work (zip into SDMB real quick), run to the copier to make copies of a report I was unable to finish on Friday…

Then my phone rings.

It’s my husband’s physical therapist.

Ivylad is extremely lethargic. Now, this is nothing new, but it’s worse than before so they want me to bring in his pills so they can count them, then take him to the hospital for a tox screen.

A quick discussion with my boss, a pass-off on some paperwork that can’t wait, and I’m out the door.

I drive the 20 miles home, grab his pills, grab the cell phone I’d left on my nightstand, then back out the door to drive PAST downtown to the doctor’s (making a wrong turn of course, and having to back track.)

The receptionist buzzes me immediately in upon learning who I am, two nurses grab his pills to go count them, and they take me back to the physical therapy room to Ivylad.

He’s napping on a padded bench. The nurse said he told them he’d mowed the lawn and washed the house last night (not) and that he was having problems staying awake.

After about 20 minutes, the doctor calls me into his office. He’s got all the pill bottles (about 10-12 different ones) with little memos on how many are in each bottle.

The conclusion?

He’s on schedule with his pills. He hasn’t overmedicated, but the doctor thinks the dosage on one of them, Depacote, is the problem.

He gives me a prescription for bloodwork (the tox screen is not needed), and the nurse gets Ivylad outside while I go get the car.

He’s retired military, but we elect not to go to the VA because it would be a long wait. I have to make some phone calls anyway, so I drive home.

I tell Ivylad to stay in the car and run into the house (he’s pretty out of it anyway) call workers comp, tell them I’m taking him to a nearby hospital to get this bloodwork done.

Fortunately, it only took about 20 minutes when we got there to get registered and for the lab to draw blood. Ivylad is awake enough to sign the paperwork, but dozes off again on the way home.

I fix him lunch, do a bit of telecommuting from my home computer to get some of my work cleared out of the way, and Ivylad begins to have a conversation with our daughter.

Who is not home from school yet.

Shortly after that, he kisses me good night and goes to bed.

I debated about going back to work, but my daughter had a guitar lesson tonight and I would not be able to stay late.

So, I shall try again tomorrow to get some work done.

Having an invalid spouse can be very nerve-wracking at times.



Ugh. Don’t you hate Mondays?

Hang in there…Prayers to you!


I am so sorry for you! At least it seems you are doing a good job as caretaker, so I’m sure your karma rocks.

Peace and warm-fuzzies-

Ouch - sucky day, huh, Ivylass? Take care of yourself. Sending good vibes and best wishes to you and your family.

Hope everything smooths out for you!!

Thanks…it just gets a bit overwhelming at times.

That, plus I have to drive the other car instead of my car. The other car gets sucky gas mileage, and my car’s check engine light is on and needs an oil change, which I can’t get done until this Friday.

I told him he needed a medical assistant…he’s supposed to make phone calls to take care of things when he gets home from PT, but he’s usually exhausted and sore, so the phone calls don’t get made…