why i post in purple


I thought it was because your name has ‘raisin’ in it and raisins are purple.

Hmmm :confused:


I always thought it was because your posts were so inane and pointless you needed a gimmick to get yourself noticed.


I’m kidding, raisinbread, I don’t really think that. If you want to post in purple all the time, more power to ya’.


Purple doesn’t bug me too much. But what language are you posting in?

‘nunya’ as in ‘nunya business’?

I, too, assumed you posted in purple because raisins were purple btw

Maybe because in the purplest place everything is transmitted in purple?

Maybe raisinbread’s Wang is purple…

Purple’s fine.

Silver’s a bitch.

Is it because raisinbread is your SDMB name color?

^ No it is not.

I thought you were a member of the largest union within the ALF-CIO, the Service Employees International Union, whose color just happens to be purple. I just took all your posts as a symbol of support and solidarity with working people everywhere.

The old story goes that purple is the colour of sexual frustration. I’m not prepared to press any questions of that nature, mind.

Because in real life you’re the-artist-formerly-known-as-Prince ? :eek:

Maybe s/he is trying to be THE BIGGEST VIKINGS FAN ON EARTH.

I assumed it was because of raisins also.

And you’re gay, like that purple Teletubbie.


Is nunya related to Enya?

I thought the reason was

i thought it was because you are an old lady; like the poem when i am an old lady i will wear purple.