Why I'm Leaving This Board

I recently had a truly horrible interaction with moderator @Chronos in a Message thread about a post I had flagged. That post appears to have been completely removed, which was the right decision. Whoever finally made that decision, good job. Truly.

The Message thread, which some other mods participated in, seems to have also been disappeared. I still have the emails of the mod messages in that thread, since I had email notifications for Messages turned on at the time, but not copies of the messages I wrote.

Since the flagged post has been removed, and I don’t have a complete record of that message thread, I won’t rehash it here.

And to be clear, I am under no delusions that my personal boycott will be of any moment to anyone. But I cannot be a member of this board as long as @Chronos is still a mod.

@What_Exit, @RickJay, @puzzlegal, I appreciate that you seemed to actually grasp the issues with the flagged post and responded responsibly. You didn’t call out Chronos for their truly appalling responses, though. Maybe you did in private. Maybe you did after I indicated I was leaving the thread and the board. I hope so.

@What_Exit made the right interim call with regards to the flagged post and ultimately the right final call was made, which I appreciate. But Chronos is utterly unfit to be a mod, and even if they are removed, I can’t bring myself to continue participating here after that experience.

I know I’ve at least occasionally been kind of prickly here, and I apologize to everyone I was unnecessarily short with. Honestly, I’ve had some fairly toxic interactions here, but I’ve also had quite a few good ones, and I have learned A LOT. And I’m genuinely grateful to the good posters on here who’ve taught me so much. I’m genuinely sad to leave.


I am really sorry to see that, gdave, and I hope you’ll reconsider, or rejoin at some point. I enjoy your posts.

Maybe this shit should have been private, too.

Sorry to hear this. I’ve had good interactive interactions with both @gdave and @Chronos. I hope you come back.

I am very sorry to see this. You are one of my favourite posters.

Board feedback should be public, especially for something that is making a good poster leave.

I’ll admit that I’m very curious what @Chronos said.

OK, then OP can be specific. I haven’t interacted much with Chronos, but I know he’s been here a long time. OP basically shit on him publicly without saying anything.
OP, Buddy, even if people in this thread say that they care if you leave, no one cares.

Then maybe he should actually say what is so terrible that it made him want to leave.

Happy trails. There’s plenty of places out there to explore when your time here is done.

Speak for yourself.

@gdave, I have generally appreciated your posts here and I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience. I don’t think there are many other places around that have the kind of intelligent debates and discussions that you found here, so hopefully you’ll be back.


Seriously, no one really cares. I know that applies to me, too, should I announce a leave-ment. Let me ask you something: Is your sleep cycle going to be disturbed by this thread?

I left the board for about half a year because of an interaction with a moderator and another poster. Yes, I care when I see someone like @gdave leaving.

I hope you reconsider but I think you’re being unfair to Chronos. The issue you raised was well beyond my nearly non-existing legal knowledge and I feel Chronos was just trying to gather more information.

I think that was reasonable. I was surprised by your very strong reaction to Chronos’s questions

So as I said, I hope you’ll reconsider.

Could you please, please back off. Some people do care. It varies by the users involved.

I’m not particularly friendly with gdave but some are. There are people on this board I am friends with. I would really miss them.

No problem; but to my point, why should this be public?

I have no dog in this fight and am not commenting on the specifics at all. But as a matter of broad policy I think that if a moderator is perceived by a poster to have behaved very badly then keeping it confidential is not necessarily the right course. What if a particular mod developed a track record of being an asshole? Would it not be better if that pattern could be seen by all rather than kept under wraps?

Again, I am not at all commenting on this situation. But as a matter of principle I don’t think there is any great reason why this should not be public.

Also, if you’re going to leave, it would be kinda crappy not to announce it, lest people get worried. And saying why you are leaving is probably the best chance you have that the problem being rectified.

Especially if you’re a long-time regular. Then you end up in