Why is edit message disabled?

I would think that the ability to edit/delete our own messages would be a good thing…to eliminate the double posts and the “oopsies.”

Why is this feature disabled?

While I’m sure the majority of us would do just that - fix code, correct spelling, etc - there are some who might use the edit feature to remove or alter their statements in such a way as to totally screw up a thread, deny they said something, etc. I think that is the reason why the edit feature is off. Just my WAG.

Yep, three bunny mama is right. MOST people would use it responsibly. However, there are some people who will try to deny what they’ve said, and if you direct them to their own words, they will even try to deny the obvious meaning.

So what? So some arguments get screwed up, and even that is hard to believe. Let people edit their posts, it would be very helpful. Even if you can still get a moderator to do it, its just a big hassle that people dont want to bother with when it could be corrected by themselves if the feature was enabled. I frequent lots of message boards other than this one (even if I dont post too much) and I’ve never seen a problem with the edit feature there. You guys should give it a shot.