Why is Gloria Allred famous?

She seems to specialize in providing legal representation to people who aren’t charged with anything…like Scott Petersen’s mistress, and Tiger Woods’ mistress. Has she ever actually, you know, appeared in a courtroom? Negotiated a contract? Legal stuff like that?

She got famous suing the Friars club back in the '70s. Her client had been turned down for membership, but the club said it wasn’t because she was a woman. Allred proved otherwise, and won. She has since then specialized in discrimination suits of all kinds, mostly for women, and pursued other women’s rights cases. She has, in the past, been considered one of the best lawyers in America (maybe she still is).

The vast majority of law does not happen in court, and certainly not in criminal court. Great civil lawyers mostly don’t go to court, because no one wants to face them there. As an activist as well as a lawyer, she uses the media a lot more than other lawyers, and provides advice and legal services for people who pay her for it. However, when she does go to court, she is said to be well-prepared, decorous, and devastating.

On an early “Politically Incorrect”, she was lecturing one of the Wayans brothers, saying “If you had been sexually harassed, and if you had known economic discrimination…” My jaw dropped at seeing a rich white woman lecturing a black guy about that. :rolleyes: Wayans laughingly called her a racist, which shut her up.

She represented model Kelly Fisher in her lawsuit against her ex-fiancé, Dodi Fayed, just before he died alongside Princess Diana. For emotional distress at him ending their relationship, I believe. Again, :rolleyes:

On a 20/20, she told John Stossell quietly and intently that she could see sexual discrimination (or harassment, I forget which) where he couldn’t. I’ll bet she could.

I was first aware of her through talk show appearances. She was always on as a legal expert on Geraldo or Montel.

Self promotion. When I was living in California, she was everywhere…you couldn’t open an envelope without her standing next to you with a letter opener for a photo-op.

She was in every Gay Pride Parade in West Hollywood, and showed up at every gala and benefit I ever attended…sometimes wondered how she ever got any real legal work done.

My op was prompted by her last 2 forays before the public eye – her clients weren’t parties to a lawsuit or charged with any crimes; they were just paparazzi fodder. The only reason I could think of that someone would offer their services to these clients would be if they really wanted to be on camera a lot.

Well, in the latest case, it may be because her client was trying to get some cash to guarantee her silence. Given that that may be considered blackmail (like in the case of Bill Cosby’s claimed illegitimate daughter), it seems a good idea to get a smart lawyer to handle the negotiations for you.

She can’t be too famous. I never heard of her before. :smiley:

I wish I could remember who said “The most dangerous place to be in Los Angeles is between Gloria Allred and a TV camera”.

Nobody. That’s a Phil Gramm joke.

Nobody. That’s a Sheila Jackson Lee joke.

Why would anyone hire such an attorney? One who would worry more about her public image and promotion than her client.

If Tiger Woods could have paid her to keep his mess from the public, he would have poured money her way. Famous people want to hide their humanity and their transgressions. She threatens to expose them on TV. That is pretty effective.

Exactly. Heck, I wonder if attorney-client privilege is even strong enough to get someone not to dish about celebs (although they’d be more likely to try and remain anonymous.)

Probably strong enough to get the celebs’ attorneys to not dish about them, but beyond that, I really don’t see the practical application.

Yes, because the only discrimination in America is racist discrimination.

You think she would be any more accessible to a poor white person?

And I laugh at the notion that one of the Wayans brothers is some kind of authority on class disparities in America.