Why is it occasionally logging me in and out?

This is happening occasionally where I log in and then after two or three clicks it logs me out and I have to re-log in (for computers where I am not signed in automatically).

Dunno. Did this just start today or has this been happening for a while?

It has been happening since about a week ago, but it is not consistent. It does it one day, and then doesn’t happen for a few more days, then happens again. It was happening a lot the day before the board was taken down though, and that’s when the problem started occurring.

That does sound like a new problem. I have reported it.

Are you seeing it more frequently now, or was it more severe earlier, or how would you characterize it? Does it kick you out repeatedly or just once and then you stay logged in?

What kind of a device/OS/browser are we talking about here?

Sorry this is happening.

It happened repeatedly one time on the day where the board was experiencing severe connection problems. It logged me out a countless number of times. Since then, it scarcely happens and it only kicks me out once. This really only happens at a public computer that I use frequently, however, and they are running Windows XP. This is on Chrome. It’s not really that noticeable now and it’s not a big deal, but I thought I’d report it because it has never happened to me before the day we had severe connection issues. It never happens on my home computer (running Windows 7) or my Galaxy Nexus though.

It happens to me occasionally when I’m at school.

At home on my own computer, I’m always logged in automatically, and don’t experience it.

This is exactly how it is for me.

I am supposed to be logged in automatically but maybe once every three or four visits I have to enter my user name and password even though my computer is supposedly registered.

I would guess it might have something to do with IP addressing.

Every tiime you get a new IP number – which you would do if you moved from one computer to another, for instance, or turned off your computer and then restarted it – you would be assigned a new IP number. If that IP number was not the same as in your prior session (and chances are it’s not) you would be logged off of the SDMB.

Just a guess. There are few fixed IPs these days so the numbers are always changing. So we are seeing more of this.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

I was having issues today with logging in. I had to login three times in one session because for some reason it would log me out again the first two times.

I hope whatever changes are being made will resolve these problems.

Again, it took me three tries to log in…and when I clicked submit post, it logged me out again and I had to re-log in to post this.

When I’m at work I usually have to enter my user name/password a few times in a row before it logs me in. I just figured it’s someone trying to keep me out. :wink: This has been going on for the past few weeks.

Same here…but I noticed that if I tried to sign in right after the page pops up I have to hit some keys several times to make them work. It’s like the sign-up page isn’t quite fully loaded and ready yet. As you sign in, look at the screen to make sure that both user name and password is loading properly.

And again (it randomly logged me out).

Please be sure to update us every time it does this.

As if I am the only one who does this.

And again.

Mods, is there any way you could make each of his updates a sticky?

Any of you guys running IE 10? Try turning on Compatibility Mode? Changed your password recently? Check Credential Manager in Control Panel.

And again.

I am on Chrome on my desktop, Safari on my iPad, and the stock android browser on the Galaxy Nexus. Right now, I got hit on Safari on the iPad.