why is it.... [people telling others when they are not feeling well]

Why do some people think it’s their bounden duty to tell the world they’re not feeling well? (the person in question is not ill, just a little under the weather). It’s really irritating but taking this person to task would cause more problems than it would solve; I just have to live with it.

Someone should remind this person of what Winston Churchill said (or at least, it’s attributed to him): “Most of the work of the world is done by people who aren’t feeling well.” And she isn’t even working–she’s retired. I wake up feeling funky often (chronic illness; nothing can be done) but I don’t think I’m obliged to stand in a doorway and inform the world. Sheesh!

For some people, illness, tragedy and disaster is their Life’s entertainment. And it is always the worst, the biggest, the most devastating, too.

Try putting a vacuous expression on your face as you look over the person’s shoulder and saying, “That’s nice, dear. What do you think about the riots in Hong Kong?”

I would suggest recreational one-upmanship.

“My back is just so sore this morning. And my nose is itching so terr…”

“I have pancreatic cancer. I have 3 months to live.”

Alas, it probably wouldn’t work.

“Sure, OK, but my nose!”

When anyone asks me how I’m doing, I usually answer, “better than can be expected”. Just because.

Lucky you!! At least it’ll be over soon. But ohhh… my bursitis…

When I do that, it’s usually to try to explain why I’m in a foul mood, to make sure they don’t think I’m annoyed with them.

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well some times when someone asks how are you to me I reply " well i ain’t dead yet and in this world that’s about as good as can be expected " and then move along as they try to parse that statement with a look on their face,

putting on a vacuous expression on my face?? It’s already there. :confused:

Vacuer? Vacuier?

Completely blank expression, mouth open, a line of drool hanging off your lip?

I’m always surprised at the Lil’wrekkers friends who answer my query of “how are you doing?” These are late teens and 20yo.,
I get descriptions worse than my ol’ Grannys worst day. If they only knew.

Maybe people just want a little sympathy.

Or they are just chit-chatting about their day, and feeling poorly has a big effect on their day.

If people constantly bemoan their illnesses, yes, that’s annoying. If they actually answer “how’re you doing” or mention just feeling ugghy during general conversation, that’s fine.

Why do other people feel like it’s their right to never hear anything mildly unpleasant ever?

A common greeting is, “How are you?” Although it’s typically treated as rhetorical, it shouldn’t be surprise if the response is an answer.

Some people just “enjoy ill-health”

I don’t know; why don’t you tell me?

I say, “So far, so good.”

I have two aunts. One is always upbeat, even when she was going through cancer treatment. The other just absolutely had to let you know how absolutely horrible life is for her.

A stubbed toe is the end of the world. Her second husband had to go onto oxygen, so she had to, too. So many ch of her identity is caught up in being sick

Damn typos. I hate posting on my phone. Grrrrrr.

This is ironic, because I was complaining about people commenting on OTHER people being sick yesterday. Like if I blow my nose, some people have to be like, “Getting a cold? Allergies?” and I want to be like “Just let me blow my nose in peace!” Or if someone’s coughing up phlegm, and another person goes “You sick?” I mean, come on, what healthy person coughs up phlegm?