Why is "New Rules for Great Debates and Elections – January 2020" always in the list of latest posts

Whenever i visit the SDMB, New Rules for Great Debates and Elections – January 2020 is included at the top of the latest posts list.
Why ?

I believe it is the way it was pinned. One of the options is Pinned Globally.
I think that is what causes it.

I’m not sure the reason as I didn’t do it but I’m guessing it was Pinned Globally as it was a major set of rule clarifications for our most contentious forum.
Also we lost Jonathan_Chance last year in October. That may have something to do with it.

I’ve made some formatting edits to it but otherwise it is as it came over in the conversion.

You should be able to unpin for yourself if it is a bother.

It’s been “pinned” by a moderator. If you click the pin, then it becomes “unpinned” for you, and it will sink down to it’s proper place.

Of course, once you do that, you’ll never be able to find it again, and can later plead ignorance of the rules.

Discourse doesn’t have an option for “keep thread at the top of its forum, but don’t show it as the most recent thread”. So we’re forced to tread the fine line between annoyance and ignorance.

Ah !
After a bit of clicking on pin shaped things, it has finally gone.
Thanks people.

I was told that making pinned posts annoying was a feature. Apparently, after you’ve read it once you have no need to ever look at it again.