Jonathan_Chance, RIP 2020-11-12

I saw this on my FB feed:

Jonathan Chance, aka Nate Wooley , has entered hospice care. If you’re interested in attending a gathering in his honor in SC this weekend, please message me

wow i wondered why i hadn’t seen him in a bit …

2020, you suck. Keeping Jonathan in my thoughts.

Dammit, this sucks. He’s definitely one of the good ones. I know him through here and the OOTP baseball sim leagues he runs, and then by extension Facebook… I had to drop out of those leagues years ago when my girlfriend was sick with cancer and about to go into hospice care. Kept thinking about rejoining, but never got around to it.

I was in Charleston with that same girlfriend back in 2012 I think not too long after JC/Nate moved there… IIRC, she and I had lunch at a place I picked because JC had tagged being there a few days before on FB. Sorry I didn’t make an effort to meet him then…

I’m friends with him on Facebook and just saw it. Just awful awful news. I don’t know what to say.

I’ve been worried that he’s been away for a while and tried to send him a message, asking how he’s doing.

Well, fuck. This is just awful news, and my heart goes out to Nate and his friends and family.

And also, this. All the New Year’s cartoons should show Baby 2021 with a god-damned baseball bat just beating the shit out of long-bearded Old Man 2020.


Fucking hell!

Jonathan’s MPSIMS thread from three years ago:

I hope he recovers, my best wishes.

Damn. I’m not going to pretend I agreed with his modding all the time, but he was trying to do good. He’s a good man. Hoping for a miracle here. God be with you JC.

Not sure what this portends for the future but JC was and is an institution here at the SDMB and I wish him the best, as I’m sure we all do. Any further information about his health and prognosis would be welcome. I’ve never met Nate personally but I remember that before the Great Eclipse he had generously offered to host any Dopers who wanted to come to his house, which was right in the path of totality.

:worried: Genuinely sad to hear this.

To be brutally frank, people don’t enter hospice expecting to recover.

Damn, I am really sorry to hear this. 2020 has truly been the most fucked up year ever.

Yes, 2020 has well and truly sucked. One of my friends plans to host a “2020 Calendar Burning Party” on December 31, so we can get rid of the lousiest year we can remember. Limited numbers only allowed to attend, masks required, social distancing, outdoors, and so on.

The news about Jonathan is yet another reason to donate my calendar, even if I don’t attend. My best wishes, thoughts, and prayers to you, Jonathon.

Yeah, I was sadly thinking the same and 2020 can go fuck itself :rage:.

I’m sorry anyone has to be dealing with this. My best to Jonathan Chance, a real gentleman.

Wow. Must have been sudden–he just started his new business a few months ago.

Wow, I’m in total shock. Best wishes and thoughts to Jonathon/Nate.

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

Here’s hoping that there’s are brighter moments ahead for JC and his loved ones.