Survivor 11/23

I came to join the discussion about tonight’s episode. Only problem is that you people are apparently too busy eating turkey to start the thread!
spoilers follow***
I think Jonathan’s move was really dumb. I think he should have told his “alliance” tribe about the idol. They should have come up with a plan to oust another member or two of Aitu and then vote out Yul, have him use the idol on himself and have the person with the next highest votes be the one last remaining member of Aitu (assuming they don’t win individual immunities). That means Sundra would have been the one they would have had to pick tonight. I think Yul would use the idol on Becky, but no one else.

I don’t think he has a chance in hell of winning the money at this point, having pissed off every member of the jury but maybe one (assuming he were to make it to the final two).

With thanks for a good episode, here are:

The imitation RICH RANKINGS:

FORGOT TO FILE A 1040- I guess you couldn’t outwit everyone!

Nate: Fifth wheelhood came a little earlier than I expected.

EATING BEEF JERKY- You’re still playing, but you’re praying for a tribe scramble!

Adam: Stop thinking with your banana.

WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A MERGE?- Middle of the pack players, the lotta ya!

Candice: Your alliance is sinking and your boyfriend wants a threesome.

HEY! LOOK AT HIS MOHAWK-You might make the merge, but you’re grimacing from the jury row!

Parvati: Your options are narrowing fast. Try to sow some dissent among the alliance and hope somebody decides they need you.
Ozzy: Your individual strength is scaring people and you’re still not trusted.

LOOKING FOR A BIG TOM TO ENGLISH DICTIONARY- Big Tom has spent more combined days on the show than anyone. But he didn’t quite grab the brass ring.

Sundra and Becky: You two are riding the train but at some point you’ll have to either change trains or get thrown off.

ARE YOU A RAT OR A SNAKE?- Reserved for a MAXIMUM of two players. You have to be in the driver’s seat for this spot.

Jonathan: I moved you back up because you’re actually aware a game is being played.
Yul: You didn’t even need to use the idol. Is it too early to start talking Best Player Ever?

Here’s my thought on that:

Jonathan isn’t trying to win anymore. He’s going for 2nd. I think he realized that given the members of the jury, he didn’t stand a chance anyway. But the dumbass 4 (Adam, Parvati, Nate, and Candice) would have voted him off just prior to Final Four - because they’re all idiots.
I also think that Jonathan believed Yul when he said “you’re my final two guy, everybody hates you!” So I think that’s his new play, “I’m the best 2nd place guy there is!” and then maybe try to make a plea to the jury. Either way, the difference between 5th and 2nd is around $45K. That’s probably worth betraying your “alliance” when you realistically don’t have a shot at the $1M anyway.

I think Jonathan realized he had made a huge mistake with his first defection. Sp part of his motivation might have been an attempt to restore the better situation he could have enjoyed. I also think he was growing so annoyed with his new teammates that he decided he rather vote them out than his former allies (especially as his new tribe has made it clear the dislike is mutual). And I think he was espceially annoyed by the other players’ indifference towards the likelihood that their actions were going to get him voted out - he deflected that possibility onto Nate but it was still clear proof of his allies lack of concern and playing ability.

Very entertaining episode!

Yul rocks! I REALLY like to see people using logic and reason successfully in their Survivor strategies, and so many of the contestants just aren’t up to that challenge. He has a huge target on his back, but he’s got that immunity idol.

I was curious, too, Jaade, why Jonathan didn’t just flat out tell his alliance that Yul had the hidden idol to convince them to vote out someone else. However, he was obviously the low man on the totem pole in his Raro alliance, so he pretty much maintained his “5th place” position by switching alliances. And at least with Yul, he knows he is dealing with someone who is playing the game the same way Jonathan usually plays it–rationally and strategically. Meanwhile, Candace, Adam, Nate, and Parvati are, well, complete morons. They should have realized that he was right about Yul ‘probably’ having the hidden idol and they should have voted someone else out. I think Jonathan would have stuck with them if they had agreed to do that. Nate sealed his own fate by shooting down Jonathan’s arguments and insisting they vote for Yul.

Next week should be very interesting. I hope Jonathan sticks with the Aitus to get rid of the remaining Raros one by one, starting with Adam. As long as they keep Parvati and her bikini around a couple of more weeks. :slight_smile:

Adam should definitely be the next to go, followed by Candice and then Parvati - but then it really gets interesting. I want to see what happens in that final five when Yul and Ozzy are both jockeying to get to final two with Johnathan - but wait! - what if the final is a final three this time, given the early start on the jury?

Nate had the best exit comments I’ve heard in a long time. Maybe ever.

Jonathan was screwed no matter what he did. Even if he had told Raro that Yul had the idol, they would never have trusted him and he still would have been the first non-Aitu voted out. This way, at least he has a chance to make it to the final two.

Nate was an idiot by not remembering that Yul was at Exile Island at least twice (or was it three times?). Nate’s even the one who said Yul was so smart and had to go. For them to insist there was no way Yul could have it was just stupid.

I hope they realize Ozzy is going to kick ass at most of the physical individual challenges and they better vote him out the first chance they get. Isn’t there is usually a puzzle challenge thrown in somewhere, or are they all physical? They need the “Pecking Order” one soon. The winner of that won’t necessarily be Ozzy.

I agree Jonathan has no hope of being the winner - the best he can do is hope someone drags him along as second and goes for the “You guys hate him, vote for he!” tactic.

That scene of Parvati and Candice walking down the beach was great. I wonder if they were actually talking about the game or if the editors just filmed the shot and then dubbed in some dialogue.

Should be “Vote for ME”. Still early after too much turkey and dessert.

And like Quixotic said, it could be a Final 3, what with an even number for the jury. A Final 3 would make the jury an odd number, right? Am I counting correctly?

The best since Rudy threatened the ones that voted him off by citing his “friends” on the All-Star show, imho.

Don’t forget that the immunity idol can be given to another person. We haven’t seen the mechanics of how this is done. After the vote, can Yul slip the idol to a tribemate in jeopardy (or do it sneakily during the vote)? Even if they cannot do this, Yul might find out who is the Aitu target through a slip of the tongue. So, the bottom line for rational Jonathan is that he must assume the man with the immunity idol can save whomever he needs to.

Jonathan couldn’t trust the Aitus anymore when they refused to discuss strategy and shut down the discussion of choosing another target besides Yul. The Aitu conversations behind Jonathan’s back bear this out… they wanted to use Jonathan for numbers and cast him aside down the road.

On the other hand, Jonathan saw some allegiance when the Raros agreed to vote for Nate… the person Jonathan suggested. It was in Raro’s best interest to vote out Adam, thereby decapitating the Candace - Adam - Pavarti threesome. But they immediately agreed with Jonathan’s suggestion (despite the flimsy rationale given) and that was much better than the snubbing Jonathan’s suggestions got with Aitu.

Jonathan did an excellent job keeping information contained. The Aitus saw him talking to Yul, but didn’t suspect what was really going on. This was also rational, because if Jonathan blabbed the confidential info and Yul found out, suddenly he is the Raro choice again. Jonathan cannot assume the Aitu tribe can keep secret what is important for Jonathan to keep secret.

Finally, the Aitu were pretty smart to realize Yul is a genius and must go. Unfortunately, they were not smart enough to be a step ahead of him. This is one of the best Survivor seasons ever, because the “outwit” factor is huge and can actually work… no random purple rock or stacked challenge boning a clever player.

Did anyone notice that when Yul and Jonathan shook hands after their first meeting, Yul made a motion with his hand as if to shake off some snot?

Didn’t see that. Not sure it happened.

I love Yul. Gorgeous, smart and nice – what’s not to like? When he went into his physics dissertation up on his pole, and then said, “I’ll never get another date!” he was Just So Wrong. I was practically rubbing up against the TV, he was so hot.

So what did Nate say in his parting speech? The phone rang and I missed it.

I saw it. It looked a little odd.

That was funny when Jonathan realized he had cast his lot with a buncha idjits…
“So, suppose Yul has the idol…”
“Nah, he doesn’t have it. He’s only been there once. Twice, maybe. We have trouble remembering things that happened more than, oh, a while ago.”
“We said no, so he doesn’t have it.”

At which point Jonathan left that alliance so fast he left skidmarks.

I was surprised that Yul didn’t have Ozzy go to Nate and say, “Hey, have you noticed that, since Jonathan and Candice showed up, your tribe has voted off three people, and none of them are white? Even if your tribe starts winning individual immunity, how do you suppose you’re going to be hanging at final five with the white people? Hmm???”

It was very quick. It wasn’t as if he did it consciously. I thought maybe Jonathan’s grip might have been strong, or he had some sand in his hand, or something.

I’ve already erased the episode, but Nate mentioned more than once that Jonathan can kiss his ass.

Heh, yeah, I had to laugh at his anguish at Raro’s stupidity.
Adam: “I spent more time on exile island than Yul.”
Jon (mind obviously boggling): “Do YOU have the idol?”
Adam: “Umm…no.”