Survivor: Cook Islands Ep. 14 - "Arranging A Hit"

Look, you guys! It’s me! Starting a Survivor thread! On time and stuff! Can you believe it? Yeah, me either, but yet, here I am. w00t! This week’s episode info from Yahoo! TV is kinda spoiler-y, so I am filling up space like a good little girl for the floatovers. Santa is watching, after all!

*** quietly humming that song about “whoop-de-do, and dickory dock, and don’t forget to hang up your sock” just in case I need to take up some extra space ***
OK, tonight’s info, from Yahoo! TV (which, BTW – they changed their site recently, and it has a slick new format and stuff, and I’m not sure I like it, but I can’t tell yet, because on the one hand, I like clicking things, but on the other hand, just tell me about the show already … anyway):

I can’t comment on that without giving anything away, so … I hope this episode is as good as the last few have been. What could have been a train wreck of a season has turned out be quite the doozy, after all. I’m ranking this season in the Top Five overall, maybe even Top Three!

I’m right there with you rockle!

I hope Aitu eats without the spoiled ones again, because I need to get my insane giggling quota in and they’ve taken away ‘Candice crying on Exile Island’ from me.

I’ve got the last three episodes saved on my DVR, so it’ll be me and four hours of Yul’s abs and Ozzy’s flexibility blown up by the Projector. happy

From my cable guide:

One alliance hides food from rival tribe members another in hopes of making them weak. It doesn’t say which group does the hiding, but I’m guessing it’s the Aitu group. I HOPE it’s them, and we see a major whine-fest from the Spoiled Brat contingent. It’s also the “Loved Ones” Reward Challenge this week.

Boxing it for the truly virginal among us. All I have to say is, it’s gonna be good. I expect much whining.

So, there are 7 people left, but only 2 more episodes (including tonight) before the finale next Sunday. Do we get a two-fer either tonight or next Thursday? I don’t think a final 3 makes sense-- too easy for there to be a tie.

WARNING: This is all pure speculation on my part. But it is possible that the final episode starts with five people instead of the usual four, until we whittle down to the final two. I have heard rumors that there is a final 3, but as you said, it would be very easy for there to be a tie. So who knows? Personally, I would prefer that we spend more time in the last episode focusing on getting to the final Tribal Council, instead of all that time actually being there, because I highly suspect that this clown college* of a jury is going to have a lot of really dumb questions that basically amount to, “Whaaaaa! I want the million dollars!”

[Sideshow Cecil] *I’d thank you not to refer to Princeton that way. [/SC]

Does that just mean that someone gets voted off, or does it mean that someone (Parvati?) has to get taken away?

Hard to say until we watch. I have not heard grumblings of a medical emergency this season, though.

I just want more fun like the last two weeks. I think those were my #1 and #2 favorite episodes not just of this season, but of all the seasons.

My prediction (from last week): Adam gets the boot unless he wins immunity. If he wins the IC, then Jonathan gets the boot. Adam is too much of a threat in the challenges to let him stay on any longer than he has to. Jonathan stirs up trouble, though, so he’s more of a threat than Parvati.

Hmm. I am not sure how I feel about this episode. Don’t want to give anything away until everybody’s seen it, but I want to say this: Although I don’t think this episode was as awesome as the last too, it was still pretty OK in its own way. And anyway, that Immunity Challenge was as cool as they come.

Also: I thought the role of the Jury is to sit in at Tribal Council and observe. Isn’t that what Jeff keeps saying? So how come it seems to be OK for certain someones still in the game to continue to communicate with other certain someones who are now on the Jury? What the crap is that about?

Honest to God, these people? Worst poker faces ever.

I am appalled. I didn’t want Jonathan to win; he’s neither the best player nor the best person. But Adam? Jesus, if they were handing out the prizes based on what people deserve, he wouldn’t get a return ticket home. The show was degenerated into another year of Survivor: Amazon - a show where it doesn’t matter how you play the game because nobody understands what’s going on and are just basing their decisions on who’s the cutest.

Sadly, Yul’s probably going to be the next to go. It’s a popularity contest now and the jocks and homecoming queens are going to decide he’s a member of the chess club. Ozzy, who’s the only other player left with half a working brain, must have realized by now that Yul’s his only serious competition - he’ll side with the others to manuever Yul out.

Yul can’t actually go next: hidden idol, yes?

Yul is safe for the foreseeable future. The hidden idol pretty much guarantees him at least final 3. And he and everyone else there knows it.

I was sorry to see Jonathan go, but I fear his time away from the group really showed everyone how abrasive he can be. He’s a very strong player, but clearly he rubbed everyone the wrong way personality-wise.

The really terrible acting when he came back from Exile Island, though, was just painful to watch. Couldn’t they at least have pretended to still like him?

That immunity challenge was amazing! Between Ozzie’s incredible abilities and everyone else’s painful wipeouts, it was a thing of beauty!

Part of me agrees, and the other part is screaming, "NO WAY!" Because Ozzy is no doubt painfully aware that, at this point, everyone on that Jury is a former member of Raro. Which means, based on the way that these people are playing the game, the only way that Ozzy has a shot at that money is if he has another Aitu next to him at the Final Tribal Council. Because a Raro in F2 is going to win that money just for having been Raro. I mean, look at that Jury. The only one of them who looks like they’re even attempting to “observe” instead of participate is Brad – and he always looks like everyone else on the Jury just sat in dog poo or something.

Oh, and since it looks like we all know what happened now: my God, every week I love Ozzy more and more, or at least I admire his abilities. As soon as I saw that the Immunity Challenge involved swimming, I knew everyone else was toast. The guy is part dolphin, part monkey, and all awesome. And as smug a bastard as he was when he said in his interview-confessional that he enjoyed watching everybody else sucking wind in that challenge … he was right. And I loved it.

I doubt voting off Jonathan will hurt Yul or Ozzy, but I think it’s a good bet that they just signed Sundra or Becky’s ticket to the jury box. I would bet that Adam wins one of the next two challenges.
Too bad for Jonathan…he deserved better.

I commented to my husband that Ozzy reminds me of a monkey, too…the way he scrambled through that obstacle course was amazing.

I was so disappointed about Jonathan going instead of Adam. I kind of liked Jonathan because there wasn’t much B.S. in him…he was just doing what he could to win, and he was open about that. Adam, on the other hand, is a tool. Waste of space. My husband thought it was stupid to go for Jonathan first, because Adam is more of a threat in the challenges. While this is true, I wonder if Yul et al think that Adam is more of a threat in terms of brain power & potential for actually using some strategy.

I missed the conversation between Yul & Adam, where Adam was pleading his case. Does anyone remember well enough to fill me in on what he said? And did it seem to be a convincing enough reason for Yul to turn on Jonathan?

Oh, and I agree with John Mace that the last couple of episodes have been outstanding. Last week was definitely one of the best episodes of all seasons. Based on how this season started, I never would have expected it to get so good!

I was just annoyed to watch Adam’s smug smirking. He was twice as obnoxious to Jonathan as Jonathan ever was to anyone else. He was twice as back-stabbing as Jonathan ever was. And he was at least ten times lazier than Jonathan as he sat there and said Jonathan hadn’t “earned” his place. If Jonathan had been pressed to explain how he had earned his place, what was going to be his answer - “Well, I’ve got nice teeth and these killer dimples.”

Okay, granted - Adam’s worthless. But he somehow manged to convince everyone else he had a point and that’s what’s sad. And the peanut gallery was sitting there hooting and hollering for him like he was Lincoln debating Douglas.

Jonathan should have opened a can of whoop-ass on Adam: “Damn right I saved their asses, Jeff. Yul, Ozzy, Becky, Sundra - any of you fools remember where you were last week? Adam and Parvati were hooked up with Candice and Nate and they were planning on voting you off. They were all laughing at you then because they figured you didn’t have a chance. And who saved you? I did - Adam and Parvati didn’t lift a finger to save you - that was me. Adam and Parvati accuse me of betraying people. But I didn’t vote anyone off the show by myself. Look over at the jury you two - you had alliances with Brad, Rebecca, and Jenny and you voted against every one of them. And Candice, how long do you think it took after you left before Adam and Parvati hooked up? So now you all sit here and talk about loyalty. Well do you guys have any loyalty? Are you going to stay loyal to the guy you made a promise to or are you going to stab him in the back? Or are you going to trust two people who have never done anything to help anybody but themselves?”

Ugh, I am just annoyed I have to look at Adam’s ugly smarmy face for another episode.

Aitu voted like dumbasses tonight. Now all Adam & Parvati have to do is get one or both of the girls to flip and there goes their final four. I don’t know why they gave up a solid advantage to give the other side a fighting chance. Idiots. I still hope the final two are Yul & Ozzy, but what a bad move tonight. If Adam wins immunity next week this is really going to come back to bite them in the ass.

I gasped when I saw Sundra take that hard fall between the barrel and the floating dock. That had to hurt like the dickens!

I always cry when they bring on the loved ones. Tonight was no exception.

Yep. Becky and Yul are tight. Adam and Parvati are tight. Ozzy’s looking after himself, and up until now he was good with Yul. Sundra? She’s loyal. But when it comes down to it I think she’s the most easily flipped. Yul & Co. should have voted Adam off instead of Jonathan. Jonathan would have made a solid voting bloc of himself, Yul and Becky. Now Adam and Pavarti can probably easily flip Sundra. Ozzy will see which way the wind blows and vote with them.

But there’s still the issue of the Immunity Idol. Ideally, A&P et al can vote for Yul, and at the same time engineer it so that Ozzy gets Yul and Becky’s votes. Yul loses the Idol, and Ozzy gets the boot. Assuming, of course, that Adam wins immunity and Ozzy doesn’t.

If Adam doesn’t win immunity and Ozzy does, then Adam will go. He’s a strong competitor, and they need to get rid of the strongest.