Why is Robert Blake in Jail? (bunch o' Bail Qs)

Why is Robert Blake still sitting in Jail ?

Isn’t murder a baleable offense in California? How often are accused murders refused bale in CA – is this all that unusual?

Assuming Blake’s case is unusual :Where on earth could Barretta skip to? or is it the fear that he’ll kill agian (which seems crazy as the prosecution’s case is going to be hatred of his wife/control of the daughter)

Blake is being held on a capital murder charge. There is no bail allowed for that.

But even if it isn’t capital murder, the judge could still hold you without bail. See “Simpson, O.J.”

Just read about this the other day, and to paraphrase, if the alleged attacker laid (layed?) in wait, then the crime can be considered to fall under the life in prison or death penalty statutes, which means no bail is offered, period. This was contrasted with the Phil Spector shooting, in which the DA has determined that it may have been a spontaneous crime, with no premeditated intent, that’s why Spector’s out on bail and Barreta ain’t.

Well, OJ didn’t get out on Bail, I’m thinking they won’t let “Accused Murderers” who are Celebrities/Well Known and have money out of jail on Bail, because of the Flight Risk issue.

Further amplifying the story, a recent LA Times article said that there were 23 defendants being held without bail on murder charges in Los Angeles County.

Phil Spector was released on a $1 million bond. The judge in charge of the bail system said that the severity of the crime is always the first factor used in determining bail.

Simpson was denied bail because of the flight attempt (remember Al Cowlings and the white Suburban?)

I think Robert Blake is being accused of lying in wait for the victim, i.e. a “special circumstance” that makes bail impossible.

If anything, I think that celebrity status would make it harder to jump bail if you were granted it.

Suspects that could be facing the death penalty are never allowed bail. The theory is that even if you put up $10M and your house, you still might skip out, since being alive on the run is better than being dead. Also, bail is not a gauranteed option, but if it is offered, it cannot be exccessive (4th Ammendment).